Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday August 12th

Just your average day at the shop today. Sold a few bikes and worked on some crappy bikes. More bad cable routing and the usual fair. Almost $200 later and the bikes are up and running.Yikes!!!!!

The waters are rising.......

So I get home this evening and it looks like somebody is washing the car since there is about that amount of water is running down my driveway. Now I know better than this and my intuition was right. So i start to investigate and it appears that there is some kind of water main break or something going on some wear above us, and upon further investigation I find the earth rising in my neighbors back yard. So we do the ethical thing and call the water company. Now they did arrive in a timely matter but after about 1/2 hour of looking around like he was really looking for something and a little more standing around with his hands in his pockets pondering the situation he decides that they will need to come back tomorrow,I need a job like that.Good plan except for the fact that I am pretty sure that both of our driveways are going to have problems.

Speaking of water......

Man can that dude swim. I watched a little bit of the Olympics late evening, and swimming was on the venue. Michael Phelps just destroyed the field in the 200 meter freestyle, setting a new world record9which was his own)and about an hour later won the 400 meter butterfly.He is going for 8 gold medals which is a feet in itself.

I also caught most of the men's team gymnastics event. It was pretty exciting, and the Americans were on fire. Its really amazing what these guys are capable of doing. The inverted cross oin the rings is unbbeleiveable. mI cacould just picture my arms breaking offf and my head plowing into the mat

Oh me o Mayo.......

Well here is the latest doping news. I refuse to rant about it, guily guilty guilty just read for youself.

Lookout Dirty Mike.......

If a pig can get mud phobia har far behind can mike be.

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