Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Ride Report

Did the reverse Five points loop this evening with hammer. Had a pretty good pace and lots of good conversation. Was actually nice to climb Fulton run a the end o fa 27 miler as opposed to a tongue draggin 45.

Man can that guy spin a yarn.....

Caught the DNC last evening and watched good ol boy Billy's speech. Man , if I didn't already experience that mess I would be ready to vote for him.

48 Hours til 24 Hours.........

Well....Im guesssing around 48 hours from now I will be starting my first night lap at the Seven Springs 24 hour challenge and it appears...atleast right now, that we are in for some good weather...YEA!!!!!!! the last time i did this it was cold wet and miserable and I actually ended up in the hospital because of it. So nice weather will be a bonus, not to mention all of the friends that I will have hanging around doing the race as well. Henry, Mike and Mark on my team, then Jay, Liz, Bil, Gene, Todd, Mel, Dan and many more riding for other teams, it should be an awesome time and I will be sure to report.

The latest buzzz on honeybees.......

It appears that it is possible that a Bayer pesticide may be responsible for Coloney Callapse Disorder. Many profesional beekeepers have been steering clear of this for som time now and now it appears that their resons were justified.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Government de-evolution......

So Barack Obama Finally has picked his Vice president....Joe Biden ???? Now all we can do is wait for McCain to pick his.........Now I don't know about you, but it concerns me that this is this the best that our representative parties have to offer.


Now as we all know we have had many great Presidents since the founding of our country....Washington, Adams, Jefferson,Jackson,Lincoln,Grant,Hoover, Roosevelt, Kennedy.......
and of course we had Reagan, that fortunately gave us a brief eight year reprieve from all of the chaos.


Nixon, Ford, Carter,Bush Sr., Clinton and of course the current Bush. What is really amazing to me is that some of these jokers actually came off of good solid representation. Bush Sr obviously learned nothing from Reagan and Bush Jr. didn't learn from his fathers mistakes and Clinton....well we all know the problem there.

Our country deserves better than what it has had the past 39 years...I am tired of voting for the guy I feel will mess things up the least. I could go on but this would take forever and I don't have the time. We all know where our country stands now and all we can really hope for is that whomever comes next wont foul it up anymore.

Sunday report from teh homefront....

What a crappy day. Except for the good sermon that Bill gave this morning I pretty much felt and still feel like crap. My heart was in and out of Affib all day.It has been a long time since I have had a day like today, so long that at cant remember and I will be even happier to forget.

Looking forward to tomorrow. Me and my little buddy have a pretty big day planed, unfortunately Gail starts back to School so we will definitely miss her.

3rd DNA Sample of Georgian Sasquatch Now Found To Be Conclusive......

Remember that the original 3 were......
  1. Human DNA
  2. Opossum DNA
  3. Inconclusive
Hence the Suquahumossum, but now that the previously inconclusive DNA results have been confirmed, we have now come the the conclusion that what we really have here is a.......


Break out your Summer Teeth.......

It appears that Dentists are more likely to pull teeth out or fit false ones than provide fillings or crowns under an NHS deal introduced two years ago, figures show. Just like good o'l Uncle Bunky, he had summer teeth.....summer here and summer there. I really don't have an Uncle Bunky I just thought that ws funny.

This is as close to off color I wll get......

"BOBBLY CLOUDS". The bobbly clouds that make this image so startling are called mammatus clouds - a name derived from the Latin word for breast. They hang under the main body of other clouds.

Friday, August 22, 2008


So a friend of mine was in the other day and told me that some of his employees were disappointed that I had gone a day or two without updating my blog. Well there is a story behind that.

So I have been spending more time on my blogs these days, adding hyperlinks and such to help make it more enjoyable. This however does take some time, not allot but some. Anyway I awoke the other morning and headed for the living room when all of a sudden I was convicted. Not by the police but by my lord and savior Jesus Christ. What was my conviction you might ask. Well it is quite simple really, I have been finding more time to spend blogging than I have Praying.Never have I felt the lords presence so strongly as I did at that moment.

I know that God is always present,and sometimes His will for me is unclear to me, but often times his words are more like a whisper, that often come to you during prayer, but to have Him basically yell at you is awesome. To know that he is interested and cares about you is indescribable and is something I hope you will experience for yourself someday.

That all being said,I will continue to blog for your entertainment. I will continue to update you on rides and poke fun at whatever I can.

God bless

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wedesday night ride report

Did the reverse Tanoma loop this evening with Rich, Andy and Matt. We had a pretty good pace this evening but Matt seamed to be having a little trouble. So we occasionally let up a bit to let him latch back on, at least until he completely disappeared. Now like I said Matt had dropped off a couple of times during the ride but never was out of site. We turned onto Tanoma road and Andy said that he was only about 100 yards back so we just kind o f soft pedaled for a while, until we realized that Matt was no wear to be found. So we tuned around and road the whole way back to 119 and still no Matt. He new the loop but there is no explanation for his disappearance.

So we continued the ride but still soft pedaled for a while just in case mat returned to earth. We also stopped to look at the new bridge being constructed on Hood School road. Penn Dot is doing the work so we figure it ought to be finished just in time for our new years day ride......maybe.

Of course my heart went into affib as we stopped to admire their work but it cam back fairly quickly.

Ahhh the Indiana Fair is almost upon us.......

Get out your trashiest outfit and glob on the make-up....the Indiana County Fair is just about here. Just a friendly reminder to all that we still live in Appalachia. Fair food and all the counties best...I know that I cant weight.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Suday afternoon at RR

Old School at Roaring Run.......

Spent this afternoon at Roaring Run with Bill, Todd,Josh, Nina & Paul. We started out riding most of the older trails. These don't get ridden too much these days since there has been so much focus on the new so some of them were pretty overgrown. The older trails are pretty technical and are on top of the hill so, there isn't as much climbing as there is on the newer trails. Todd, Paul and Nina split off from the group as we approached the newer section so Bill, Josh and myself continued on.

We had a great ride and Josh is an excellent rider, so I co-horsed him into trying this.(first video) He did pretty good but came into it way too fast for all the more run out he had but he pulled it off. Sorry for the shaky camera, I thought that I was going to have to jump out of his way. We finished up around 5:00 and I was spent. All I had to eat before the ride was a bagel.My heart went into Afib a couple or times but came back almost immediately.

Another Chuck Sighting.......

So I had to stop by the store on the way to the ride, and what to my wondering eyes did appear but a familiar face on his Tommasini. That right folks...Chuck had shown up for a ride. It was good to finally see him show up for a ride. Its been a while since I have ridden whith Chuck. We used to spend allot of time ridding together. Of course Rich was sporting his latest team doping jersey (Phonak).

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Ride

Brownie (AKA Brian) was back in town and unable to make the excursion to Roaring Run on Sunday afternoon so He and I did a road ride today. We headed out airport road and did the Tanoma loop.Wow is he in shape these days. He had already done a 26 mile TT earlier today and then rode my legs off.

He isn't Happy with his performance though. He is tearing up the TT's but cant pull it together in a regular road race. I told him he needs to decide what he wants to do well at, either TT or road, and that it would be hard to excel at both.

Get out the Grandma Soap........

So I haven't had the luxury of having great Mother in law stories of my own. My wife's mother passed away early on in our marriage and she was a great lady so I would not have any anyway. But a good friend of mine does. He actually has to put out special soap for her when she comes to visit hence dubbing it GRANDMA SOAP.

Speaking of Mother in Laws.......

Not really but some guys descriptions sometimes give you this kind of visual, apelike and wishing they were dead.

Seriously though, these two dudes from Georgia claim to have found the remains of a DOA Bigfoot. They say that they were hiking deep in the Wooley Swamp, or something like that, and came upon this apelike creature, with reddish hair and human hands and feet(hey, don't bogart that joint my friend). They also have 3 DNA samples...
  1. Human DNA
  2. Possum DNA
  3. Inconclusive
So what we have here is a Susqahumossum.....maybe. I don't know about you but they almost had me until they threw in the Possum thing.(Bigfoot,Baby foot and Possum foot) You decide.

In all seriousness though I am not trying to debunk them, I have seen and heard allot of strange things in the woods while hunting over the years, one of which to this day I question what I actually saw. And just for their sake, PA has between 14,000 and 15,000 bears living withing the confines of the commonwealth. How many have you seen?????

Speaking of Strange Sightings.......

It is rumored that Tow-Chuck will be retuning to the bike. It is rumored to happen today and Rich claims to have sen him in full cycling garb within the past week. I did see him in his car last week, and he exclaimed ere he drove out of site, "HAPPY CYCLING TO ALL AND NEXT WEEK I JUST MIGHT..."

Friday, August 15, 2008

The weekend is upon us....

Looking forward to another weekend of mountain biking. Brian is going to be home for the weekend so I imagine we will do a road ride tomorrow after I close them the family and I are going to see the new STAR WARS flick.

Talked to Stan at No-Tubes Today.....

SAM contacted me about ordering him a new set of Stan's ZTR 355 29'r wheels so I picked up the phone and called. This is the second time I have called and talked to Stan the man himself. Seems like a pretty cool dude, real high energy and ready to give his expert advise on proper wheel setup and such. THANKS STAN.

Parents these days or is Criminal-dar like Gay-dar???

So a week or so ago this kid comes in the shop looking for a master link. I get it for him and tel him the price which was $1.33, to which he responded "I don't have any money, my mom said I need to get a job , so can I work it off?" Remember that quote. Anyway I handed him a dust rag and set him to work, during this time here he asked if he could worlk off a skateboard, so I agreed. So last week he drops in and asks if his cousin could come in the store and without looking I said why not and he proceeded to say that I had banned his cousin form the store for steeling so I renigged and said no thus the criminal-dar. I am a little suspect of this kid already and he is hang'in with a kid that I know has stolen from me.

So he shows up this afternoon to do a little more work and I ask him where he has been. He says he had been helping out a relative and then went to spent the afternoon with a man with a needle and proudly displays his new tattoo. So I say to him, "that's kind of expensive isn't to which he replies , "my mom said if I could find somebody to do it that she would pay for it" , interesting that the same mother wouldn't pay $1.33 for a master link, different priorities I guess.

I'm about ready for a Huffy Toss.....

I hate working on junk....but it pay$$$$$$$$ $o Good....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday August 14th

Nobody showed up for the ride this evening.Threatening rain so I figured that would happen. Nobody really likes to get wet and it looked as if some thunderstorms were headed our way.

Tickets..Get your tickets here.......

So Henry popped in today to visit and to pick up his new saddle. Its pretty cool but I'm not sure how much his stuff will appreciate it. We had a nice visit catching up on things since he has been gone for a few weeks. Unfortunately the Indiana Borough Welcoming Committee, AKA Meter Maid,o ops I'm sorry PARKING ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS was lurking nearby and gave him a thanks for shopping Indiana certificate, which amounts to a around $5 payable to Indiana County Parking Authority.

Now I would know how the 100's of people that visit the little walk-in clinic on the corner can park pretty much all day and get away with it but if I have a customer park for more that a minute they can expect a ticket.


So I get a call today from what appeared to be a friendly Seasoned citizen. So she proceeded to ask me if I carried ride-on scooters, Now I have never heard of such a thing so I asked her to describe or be more specific as to what she was asking me. "Oh they are very popular" she says. "They sit low to the ground and have pedals on them". Still confused I say that I have never seen such a thing, to which her reply was "well they have them at Idlewild". So now the wheels start turning and I think to myself...So your looking for a carnival ride and you suppose it is very popular because the line for this particular ride was so long.(Little Rascals - Children sit down on the handcar and move themselves along the rails by turning the handcrank in front of them. Every little kid's favorite!) >So I again state that I don't have such an Item in my store and that I am sorry that I was unable to help her."OK then she says and i suppose she figures that I had stopped listening when she rudely says"your a bike shop and it has pedals like a bike so I supose you should have it". If I had only known that I could own the market on the Little Rascal Handcar I could have probably retired to the Carribian by now.

First of all lady its a BIKE SHOP not a Handcar/Carnival ride shop. I'm glad that I dont have a bad temper because it was tempting to Star sixty nine here and ask her to clarify what she said at the very end of our conversation, but sometimes you just need to let things go.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wedesday August 13 Ride report

First of all it has come to my attention that some of you are missing all the hyperlinks in my posts They are usually this color and BOLD.So please don't forget to click and enjoy.

So....we had a good group this evening...... Zewack, Andy, Hammer, Matt, Monkeyboy, S.C. John, myself and Dr. Vitality. Now I like it when the docto show up because(beat and music from the Commodores brick house) da............dada......da.....da....da dadada dadada da.da.da He's like a brick.....wall......Like rid'in behind him...cant feel the wind at all..........Anyway we did a different loop combination tonight. We did the wall in Clymer. We headed out Airport road to Clymer, Into Clymer and up the wall. Dropped back down to 403 to Dixonville, then back to Tanoma then back to Indiana. Lots of climbing and plenty of attacks, with some good fast pace line work as well. I'm pretty sure that nobody had anything left after tonight's ride...cant wait til tomorrows ride. Only had a couple of heart flutters this evening. Had most of my problems after I returned to the shop. Hard riding is good for me so long as we don't really let up and that is the kind of ride we had. OUCH.

Sorry Dude.....

So Duane stopped by to day to help out for a bit around the shop and I noticed a slip laying there an figured it was for the bike he was working on. So I call the number and get a voice mail and realize that it is an older slip. So the dude calls me back, irritated, as if he has never mad a mistake and kind of reams me out. Sorry dude, I'm pretty sure that there is some kind of pill you could take for that.

Cool new logo......

As I said Duane was by today and he had the new artwork with him that he has been working on for the IUP Cycling Club. It turned out pretty good. Their first meeting will be August 29th, at 9:00 pm in the Susquehanna Room at the IUP Hub.

Whats up with those beer goggles.......

So BEER GOGGLES came up in an email blast today and I found this picture and thought I should post it for all of you to enjoy.............and for those of you who don't at least will understand the concept.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tuesday August 12th

Just your average day at the shop today. Sold a few bikes and worked on some crappy bikes. More bad cable routing and the usual fair. Almost $200 later and the bikes are up and running.Yikes!!!!!

The waters are rising.......

So I get home this evening and it looks like somebody is washing the car since there is about that amount of water is running down my driveway. Now I know better than this and my intuition was right. So i start to investigate and it appears that there is some kind of water main break or something going on some wear above us, and upon further investigation I find the earth rising in my neighbors back yard. So we do the ethical thing and call the water company. Now they did arrive in a timely matter but after about 1/2 hour of looking around like he was really looking for something and a little more standing around with his hands in his pockets pondering the situation he decides that they will need to come back tomorrow,I need a job like that.Good plan except for the fact that I am pretty sure that both of our driveways are going to have problems.

Speaking of water......

Man can that dude swim. I watched a little bit of the Olympics late evening, and swimming was on the venue. Michael Phelps just destroyed the field in the 200 meter freestyle, setting a new world record9which was his own)and about an hour later won the 400 meter butterfly.He is going for 8 gold medals which is a feet in itself.

I also caught most of the men's team gymnastics event. It was pretty exciting, and the Americans were on fire. Its really amazing what these guys are capable of doing. The inverted cross oin the rings is unbbeleiveable. mI cacould just picture my arms breaking offf and my head plowing into the mat

Oh me o Mayo.......

Well here is the latest doping news. I refuse to rant about it, guily guilty guilty just read for youself.

Lookout Dirty Mike.......

If a pig can get mud phobia har far behind can mike be.

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Monday, August 11, 2008

Hangin, Fishin, Ridin and Ape'in

Spent the day hanging with the family. Slept in then headed out with my little buddy to do some fishing. After about an hour of driving around looking for somebody opened that sells bait. We ended up at the market in Creekside, got some worms, then it was off to Twolick Reservoir for a little father son time. We fished for about and hour or so, I was surprised to see the Reservoir was down at least 5 feet so our usual spot wasn't so hot, but we had fun anyway.

Back to the house after that for a little yard ape'in and some other foolishness, then we were off to the trail to do a little riding. We stopped at Spotts Music Center on the way to pick up a couple of guitar stands, then continued on to the trail. We spent enough time on the trail for it to start raining and headed home.

The coolest show ever......

Caught a rerun of the Sarah Connor Chronicles this evening. FOX is gearing up for the season premier on September 8th so they are showing the last few episodes from last season. If you are a Terminator fan this is a must see. Cool story line and not overdone.


So the Doping Olympics are on.....Spanish cyclist Maria Isable Moreno tested positive for EPO. What are these people thinking. A good friend of mine has started a crusade to collect the team jerseys of all teams that have been caught and actually writing in sharpie their actual offence. Unfortunately for him he will eventually end up with a jersey form every team that has ever ridden in the tour.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

A great day at Roaring Run

I had forgotten how much I enjoy mountain biking, and my camelbak told the story.That's right folks it been almost 2 years to the day, actually this labor day would have been two years, how sad is that. I,ve been out a couple of times since, a total of 4 or five times over the past two years but that is it.Nothing but road for me, mostly because there is nothing any closer that 45 minutes worth doing to and with my limited time I just haven't been able to justify it, but having tow days off now maybe I will be able to. It was really great to ride with Jay, Liz and Bill as well, we used to spend countless hours riding and building trails up until about six years ago. Thank go they haven't stopped and we have them to thank for all the awesome trails.My heart only flip flopped a couple of times during the ride but never really got completely out of rythm

I'm a believer....

So over the past two years I have heard people screaming the praised of the 29'r. you got to get one they say. they are the greatest thing since sliced bread.And of course they have to be, at the very least a hard tail, Steel, and Single speed........ Well I will buy the first two but the latter just doesn't appeal to me. Give me all the gears you got and I am a happy mountain biker.

Anyway this is my new sweet ride.And I must say goody to the 26'r. The bike handled flawlessly and I must say that I was not fatigued after the ride like I am on my other hard tail. I was also impressed with how it handle the tight twitchy stuff as well.

You never know what you might see in the woods.......

So we are headed up the trail to the new suspension bridge and we see these dudes pulling a cart. What was in the cart you might ask. Well my friends these guys know how to have some fun on a warm Sunday afternoon. They were hauling a ramp to jump their bikes into the river for a bit of cooling off. Towards the end of the ride we came upon said group and took a little time to watch. If only my bike wasn't so expensive I would have probably tried it myself.
Sorry about the angle of the video. I never thought about having the camera rotated.We really appreciated what they were doing but the people fishing about 100 yards down stream didn't.

Life is hard without mamas little helper............

So Lance finished second in the Leadville 100 Mountain bike race. Is he trying to follow in landices footsteps or just trying to get back into the spotlitght? I wonder if they will be doing any testing........

More photos and video from RR........

Just in case you haven't been following this little tidbit of news form New York......

I have been seeing posts about this over the past week. It appears that there was a critical mass in New York City earlier this month and though there were several arrests , which is normal for this type of event, it appears that some of the officers may have been a bit overzealous. Now don't get me wrong here , I have the utmost respect for officers of the law. I have several friends at different levels of law enforcement, but that respect comes with the expectation of professionalism both while on or off duty. I see none of that here........

How about a little Roo for the Barbi there mate.......

Tasty, cute and buy eating them you can help to eliminate greenhouse gasses. It appears that their flatulence does not produce methane like cows do. So say goodbye to old Bessy and hello to ole hoppy. Oh and it doesn't taste like chicken...go figure.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just Imagine if your local bikeshop guy handed you this.

Another busy day at the shop. Lots of customers and lots of repairs. It really amazes me what some people will put up with while riding their department store bikes. Its no wonder that her brakes don't work right. Oh well, the pay is good and its good for a laugh or two. You should have seen the Elk bike. I will try to find a picture.

More Happy Customers..........

Stewart and John both picked up they're new bikes this weekend. A do it all Schwinn World DBX, and I mean do it all , cyclocross, Touring, Commuting or just plain getting out there. And Johns new Giant OCR Carbon 3. Both were smiling ear to ear. thanks guys and enjoy.

Maybe I'll Ride this In Erie In September.....

So I took this and another bike on trade a month ago. Turns out that this one is kind of cool. Its a Centurion Master Ironman, Dave Scott edition. Dave was and is an excellent athlete and there has been many products with his branding over the years. Maybe, just maybe I will race this in Erie this coming September. I might at least take it along.

What was he thinking????????

So I'm no political junkie, but I do have my opinions. I really think that it is a shame about John Edwards.Not that he got caught but the fact that he did it. Unfortunately it appears to be a sign of the times and infidelity is something that touches people in all walks of life.Lets face it the Dem's have little or nothing to offer these days and to see a guy like that fall into such a mess is quite the shame. Edwards could have been a real positive influence in what appears to be a failing Democratic run, although I am sure that it will have little or no affect on any future political endeavors he may have, which is a shame in itself.

Roaring Run Tomorrow.......

Looking foreword to tomorrows ride at Roaring Run. It has been well over a year since I have been there to ride so I am sure that I will leave some blood behind. I hope that everybody that said they will be there will show, I will have some photos as well to share. Sorry for missing the road ride tomorrow Rich. You should really get a mountain bike.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday August 8th, 2008

No riding today but I recovered from the past two days pretty well., I hope to be able to get on the spinner tomorrow morning. Gabe and I rode to the shop this morning, what a beautiful morning it was, and he loves to ride. We kicked around the shop for the better part of the morning. I worked while he spread my tools from one end of the shop to the other. He gives each and every one its own identity and personality and really seams to enjoy himself. Most guys would probably freak but I don't mind. He comes to work with me just about every day without complaint so what the heck.

Planning a trip to Roaring Run.......

So I have not been on a mountain bike in well over a year, and with a 24 hour mountain bike race looming in the near future I figure its time I get out and get dirty. I'm hoping that everyone I told about it will be able to come. Some of them I haven't ridden with in well over 2 years and I miss them. We used to ride at least once or twice a week but then everybody seemed to get busy and of course I spend all my time riding on the road now.

Speaking of 24 hour racing......

On the same token the last time I did this upcoming event I spent the following week in and out of the emergency room then a full week in the hospital (read all about it) with MRSA, Man I cant wait to race this Labor Day weekend. In all actuality I really cant wait fro these reasons
  • I really do love mountain biking but cant seem to fit it into my schedule these days.
  • Nothing like spending 24 hours suffering with 3 of your friends
  • There will be at least 15 other people there Racing that I have done 12 or 24 hour events with over the past several years.
Speaking of MRSA.......

My poor dog has it or some kind of similar infection. He got a hot spot on his neck that neither myself or the groomer caught and now he is sick. What a bummer.

On a lighter note.......

Spent the evening hanging with the family. Gabe and I spent some time in the garden picking and eating tomatoes and peppers then off to the blueberry bush for dessert. I have never seen a kid eat tomato's off the vine like and apple but that is how he does it.Then we spent about 45 minutes or so jamming. How cool is that? I picked him up a Line six 15 watt amp and he really seams to dig it.


Nigerian Mohammed Bello Abubakar, 84, has advised other men not to follow his example and marry 86 women. Like we didn't already know that.

And finally something else cycling related...

Valverde favored to win Beijing 250k

Thursday August 6th Ride Report

Had another great ride this evening, even though it didn't look like we would . It was raining and thundering right up to the time we were ready to leave. The rain stopped, the clouds disappeared and the sun came out. What a beautiful evening, 74 degrees and a triple rainbow.

Nicoll, Hammer, Duane, Sean and myself did the three man loop again this evening. Duane and I had a pretty hard ride the on Wednesday and Nicoll had raced so the fact that hammer and Sean had fresh legs so I new that we were in for it. We had a great ride. Lots of attacks and some good, hard pace line riding. Of course close to the end I was spent and hammer was being his usual relentless self so on the final part of the last climb I just let him Sean and Nicoll go and turned back down the hill to finish of the climb with Duane. My heart only gave me a bit of trouble during the ride this evening but nothing that affected my riding. I had the most trouble once we got back to the shop and were just standing around. I know it was a good ride because I know I had nothing left, Duane looked like a zombie sitting on the couch and Sean lost his balance just standing there.

If cats have nine lives how many do cyclist have??????

So we are cruising out Bethel Church Road and had just passed the church and descending back down to 286. There was allot of chatter and we were riding side by side, which by the way is legal here in the state of PA. Now you must understand this isn't a very busy road and rarely see more than a car or two any time we ride it. So as I said we are just cruising along when I notice this mini van pulling off the road and coming to a stop in the burm. I look to my right at Sean and to make sure of our location on the road, I look back toward the road ahead and catch movement out of the corner of my eye. I look to my left and just in time to see the mirror of a car literally 4 inches from my leg. This totally caught me by surprise, but also explained the reason for the mini vans actions. I must say that this rally startled me but fortunately I held my line and let the imbecile continue buy. The whole incident really set the group off so the chase was on and we caught up to the lady at the intersection of 286 and yelled and screamed, pointing out the fact that she had really not made any headway buy passing us then we continued to pass here and get in front of her again, which made us feel better but probably had no effect on her. As she passed us i reckoned back to my early days of riding when a friend of mine, Spa-Man, carried a small bag of rocks with him for just such an occasion. This state really needs to do a better job of getting the word out about cyclist rights on the road. My only regret is that I did not have my camera so that I could post her obese mug and license plate number all over the net.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday August 6th ride report.......

Another busy day at the shop. This is Sean's last week before heading of to Geneva College. Hes a good worker and had become a good friend. I wish him well in his endeavors.

That's enough of that.....We did the Snyder Road loop this evening. Rich Z, N.C. John, John Blank, Andy, Dr. Vitality, Duane and myself headed out from the shop and headed out south 6th st. to Snyder road. We proceeded to Rt 56 then took 259 and eventually turned back toward Luciousboro. We then mad the right down the dark side descent to 119 then headed toward the Power Plant climb. Then back Hilltop road and returned to Indiana.

This ride was about 30 miles or so but felt like allot more than that. What a climb fest South sixth is a pretty good climb itself then Snyder road seams to go on forever. The ride across 259 isn't to awfully bad but still plenty of climbing. the descent off of Luciousboro was a blast except for going into a few of the turns a little hot, but that just ads to the thrill. I mad Duane work to beat me to the top of the Power Plan climb and near the end we let bill get out ahead of us so we chased him down and blasted the final little climb. Like i mentioned we had a pretty hard ride with plenty of attack and very little pace line work. N.C. John described it as a ride that was mostly individual time trialing with hard climbs mixed in.

The apple and the tree.......

So my wife calls me today in kind of a huff and a little irritated with me. Now I have been at work all day but as most married men know you don't have to be around to fall victom to a woman's wrath. Anyway i reluctantly ask what is wrong, her reply...."do you know what your son just said to me". Oh no... Has Mike Rowe gone off the deep end again and not gotten bleeped??? Did Bear Grylls let one slip??? the the Barnyard gang finally lose it???? I reluctantly ask, what did he say.

Well since my sons last Nintendo disappearance, he has gone back to playing with his regular, non animated toys, which in my opinion is great. He has a great imagination and the things he does are really cool. So his latest thing is to build his Thomas track around the living room from his playroom, to which my wife made a comment about him having enough track to complete his job. He turns to her and says "Of course I do, why wouldn't I" which is a bit sarcastic for a 5 year old but for me that would have been a typical response, hence her aggravation with me. What she doesn't understand is that she spends allot of time with her as well and I see allot of her in him as well so in my opinion all is well, of course she thinks that I am just turning him into a wise@$$.

Whats in a potsticker anyway......

What is in a potsticker anyway. My wife made them for supper this evening and i must say they tasted exceptionally well. I don't know if it was because I was so hungry or if she is such a good cook.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What kind of person steels from a kid

So....My son has had his third personal item stolen from the store. 2 Nintendo DS's and 1 Leapster. Now as an adult I know better than to leave personal items lay around but five year old's don't. What type of person steels from a little kid, how shallow must one be to do such a thing. I have stuff stolen from the store all the time but personal items are a bit much.

What kind of headline is this....OOPS

Gay and Powell Kept apart in 100m
World champion Tyson gay and record holder Asafa Powell claim they are not allowed to face each other at the Golden Grand Prix in China.
I think the BBC needs a proof reader.

What the Hell.....
So the family and I are out for a ride on the trail the other day and we stop for our usual 100 meter brake. My son loves to ride but he feels the need to stop every so often. Anyway my wife notices something on my arm and proceeds to pick at it. I in turn swipe her hand away and and start to inspect it myself, it was nothing so I kind of ignored it, of course then my son starts to pick, I look down at him and he has this real intense inquisitive look on his face. He then turns his eyes toward me and exclaims "What The Hell???"

Now you must understand that this is nothing he has ever heard from his mother or I nor from a majority of the people we are around, so I ask him where he heard that. Of course he could not remember so we made sure that he knew that is was not something he should say. Later that evening we are watching one of our favorite shows, Dirty jobs, "What The Hell"....thanks Mike Rowe.

Monday, August 4, 2008

A Day at Yellow Creek

Another beautiful day in Indiana PA today. The weather was perfect and I have Mondays off so what to do. My son proclaimed it to be pajama day, so he and I just slothed around until my wife came home from work. So after a quick lunch and clothing change we headed to Yellow Creek State Park Swimming Beach for the rest of the afternoon.

I often times forget how blessed we are here in Indiana County and what it has to offer those who enjoy the great outdoors. Biking, both road and mountain, hiking, fishing, boating swimming and so much more. So needless to say the beach at Yellow Creek did not disappoint. The water temperature must have been around 76 Deg. and after a little splashing around with my son he made a couple of friends and I headed for the blanket to let them play.

The short list of parks within 15 minutes of Indiana are....Yellow Creek State Park (Mountain Biking, hiking, Fishing, Boating and Boat rentals, Swimming and cabin rentals, there are also 2 camping areas near by) Whites Woods & IUP's College Lodge activities area. These two parks are smack up against each other with connecting trails . Hiking, Mountain Biking and Disc Golf are all activities that can be enjoyed by combining these two parks. Blue Spruce Park (hiking, fishing and picnic areas). And if you want to travel a little further the Roaring Run Watershed Association has some phenomenal single track as well as a rails to trails for family fun. Dogs are also permitted at most of these facilities so long as they are on a leash.

There needs to be some sort of litmus test........

So there we are at the beach, and I will be the first to admit the the perfect body is something that I don't have, as most people out there but when purchasing a bathing suit it should cover a certain percentage of the body. Now I know some of you guys out there would scream foul but how often do you really see something worth looking at? And for the ladies.This is usually what you get.....Sorry all PG rated photos on line are too disturbing to show or link......but i think we all know what I am talking about. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not dissing overweight people , just wishing that all would dress appropriately.

XTERRA Appalachia and Sunday ride report

Did the eastern shore loop this afternoon with Andy, Zewacki, Matt and Sean. Had a pretty good ride for the most part except that I did have a little heart flip about 14 miles in. I did a pretty hard effort on one of the climbs and let up before I reached the top. About a minute later I was in affib. It only stayed out for about a minute or two then came back and was fine for the rest of the ride. I was able to ride pretty hard from that point on except for the fact that the salad that I had for lunch left me with little energy for the last 7 miles or so.

XTERRA Appalachia.......

Yesterday was also our second annual XTERRA Appalachia event. We had a pretty good turnout, I'm not sure if it was as many as last year but with the cost of travel these days I would say that it was pretty good. We had people from as far away as California last year, this year I spoke to some people from Maryland and the Poconos in the Northern part of our state.

I went out early with my son and Sean to set up in case anybody needed repair work, also a couple of guys that came to the race, this must have been their first XTERRA, didn't bring their helmets with them so I sold them a couple since I'm pretty sure that they did not own one. The other thing I don't get about this particular event, and I am not sure if it is this way at all of them, but , I have been to allot of races in my time and I have never seen so many people need repairs done the day of the race. Everything form brake adjustments to one guys brakes needing to be bled to another guys front brake pad rubbing a hole in his front tire.How can you go to a race that involves riding a bike and not bring a bike that is working properly?

We weren't able to stay for the end of the event of the reward ceremony but we did stay long enough to see the winner cross the finish line in under 1 1/2 hours. These races are fun to watch and I like to sit where I can get a good view of the transition area. Its funny to see how exhaustion and hypoxia wreak havoc on your ability to follow even the simplest of instruction, even with people pointing and telling you were to go. Even watching the participants dismount their bikes is comical, I saw so many people unclip swing a leg over the bike like they were going to take off running to the transition area only to stop and stand there like they were done or something.

A funny thing happened on the way to work the other day.......

So my son and I are on our way to work the other day and we are just kind of meandering down the road and chatting. I happen to glance up into my rear view mirror just in time to see this little black kitten pouncing across the road about 200 yards behind me. Now one of our cats had kittens not too long ago and one of them happens to be black. by the time my mind processes all of this, remember it is early in the morning, I realize that said black kitten is probably ours. I am guessing that she had crawled up under the truck and decided that this would be a good time to get off. Fortunately it didn't appear that she got hurt, unfortunately we have still been unable to find her. I am sure that somebody found her and took here in , there are allot of houses and apartments around.

Tennis anyone?????

Found a couple of interesting articles on the past couple of rides. Now I'm no Beachcomber, but if I happen to spot something worth picking up I will. I found the racket cover on Thursdays ride and the tennis ball on Sunday.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just Another Day

Another busy day at the shop today. Really looking forward to the weekend this week. I think Brian is home so that means at least one really good hard ride this weekend and of course the XTERRA APPALACHIA is this Sunday as well. Doug always puts on a great event and is sure to have a great turnout. I of course wont be participating. I see no reason to swim before a good bike ride and no reason to run afterwards.

The Tae Kwon-Duo........

The wife stopped buy the store today on her way to Tae Kwon-Do Today. She is just getting started so she is a white belt, my son is a Yellow belt with a green stripe. It is good to see the two of them sharing an interest in something. Its not cycling but at least its better that shopping. I really need to motivate her back onto the bike, I know that she misses riding, she rode 2500 miles until she reached the middle of her eighth month of pregnancy and never really got back to it since. They really both enjoy riding so I know it only a matter of time.

Went to Kennywood the other day......

Went to Kennywood the other day with the family and had a great time. Its really cool having an amusement park so close to home. I didn't ride too much but my kid did, and lets face it , the fact that he had fun was what its all about anyway. I did ride the Exterminator....what a lamo ride the only good thing about it was that i escaped without any major back or neck injuries. My son and I did ride a few things together, like the log jammer and the old time expressway. the cars are kind of a let down from when I was his age. One of the best parts of the ride then was trying to catch the guy in front of you and bumping into them, of course they used golf cart motors and you could control the speed a little bit. not its totally automated, but we had fun anyway.