Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What kind of person steels from a kid

So....My son has had his third personal item stolen from the store. 2 Nintendo DS's and 1 Leapster. Now as an adult I know better than to leave personal items lay around but five year old's don't. What type of person steels from a little kid, how shallow must one be to do such a thing. I have stuff stolen from the store all the time but personal items are a bit much.

What kind of headline is this....OOPS

Gay and Powell Kept apart in 100m
World champion Tyson gay and record holder Asafa Powell claim they are not allowed to face each other at the Golden Grand Prix in China.
I think the BBC needs a proof reader.

What the Hell.....
So the family and I are out for a ride on the trail the other day and we stop for our usual 100 meter brake. My son loves to ride but he feels the need to stop every so often. Anyway my wife notices something on my arm and proceeds to pick at it. I in turn swipe her hand away and and start to inspect it myself, it was nothing so I kind of ignored it, of course then my son starts to pick, I look down at him and he has this real intense inquisitive look on his face. He then turns his eyes toward me and exclaims "What The Hell???"

Now you must understand that this is nothing he has ever heard from his mother or I nor from a majority of the people we are around, so I ask him where he heard that. Of course he could not remember so we made sure that he knew that is was not something he should say. Later that evening we are watching one of our favorite shows, Dirty jobs, "What The Hell"....thanks Mike Rowe.

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