Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Wednesday August 6th ride report.......

Another busy day at the shop. This is Sean's last week before heading of to Geneva College. Hes a good worker and had become a good friend. I wish him well in his endeavors.

That's enough of that.....We did the Snyder Road loop this evening. Rich Z, N.C. John, John Blank, Andy, Dr. Vitality, Duane and myself headed out from the shop and headed out south 6th st. to Snyder road. We proceeded to Rt 56 then took 259 and eventually turned back toward Luciousboro. We then mad the right down the dark side descent to 119 then headed toward the Power Plant climb. Then back Hilltop road and returned to Indiana.

This ride was about 30 miles or so but felt like allot more than that. What a climb fest South sixth is a pretty good climb itself then Snyder road seams to go on forever. The ride across 259 isn't to awfully bad but still plenty of climbing. the descent off of Luciousboro was a blast except for going into a few of the turns a little hot, but that just ads to the thrill. I mad Duane work to beat me to the top of the Power Plan climb and near the end we let bill get out ahead of us so we chased him down and blasted the final little climb. Like i mentioned we had a pretty hard ride with plenty of attack and very little pace line work. N.C. John described it as a ride that was mostly individual time trialing with hard climbs mixed in.

The apple and the tree.......

So my wife calls me today in kind of a huff and a little irritated with me. Now I have been at work all day but as most married men know you don't have to be around to fall victom to a woman's wrath. Anyway i reluctantly ask what is wrong, her reply...."do you know what your son just said to me". Oh no... Has Mike Rowe gone off the deep end again and not gotten bleeped??? Did Bear Grylls let one slip??? the the Barnyard gang finally lose it???? I reluctantly ask, what did he say.

Well since my sons last Nintendo disappearance, he has gone back to playing with his regular, non animated toys, which in my opinion is great. He has a great imagination and the things he does are really cool. So his latest thing is to build his Thomas track around the living room from his playroom, to which my wife made a comment about him having enough track to complete his job. He turns to her and says "Of course I do, why wouldn't I" which is a bit sarcastic for a 5 year old but for me that would have been a typical response, hence her aggravation with me. What she doesn't understand is that she spends allot of time with her as well and I see allot of her in him as well so in my opinion all is well, of course she thinks that I am just turning him into a wise@$$.

Whats in a potsticker anyway......

What is in a potsticker anyway. My wife made them for supper this evening and i must say they tasted exceptionally well. I don't know if it was because I was so hungry or if she is such a good cook.

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