Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wedesday August 13 Ride report

First of all it has come to my attention that some of you are missing all the hyperlinks in my posts They are usually this color and BOLD.So please don't forget to click and enjoy.

So....we had a good group this evening...... Zewack, Andy, Hammer, Matt, Monkeyboy, S.C. John, myself and Dr. Vitality. Now I like it when the docto show up because(beat and music from the Commodores brick house) da............dada......da.....da....da dadada dadada da.da.da He's like a brick.....wall......Like rid'in behind him...cant feel the wind at all..........Anyway we did a different loop combination tonight. We did the wall in Clymer. We headed out Airport road to Clymer, Into Clymer and up the wall. Dropped back down to 403 to Dixonville, then back to Tanoma then back to Indiana. Lots of climbing and plenty of attacks, with some good fast pace line work as well. I'm pretty sure that nobody had anything left after tonight's ride...cant wait til tomorrows ride. Only had a couple of heart flutters this evening. Had most of my problems after I returned to the shop. Hard riding is good for me so long as we don't really let up and that is the kind of ride we had. OUCH.

Sorry Dude.....

So Duane stopped by to day to help out for a bit around the shop and I noticed a slip laying there an figured it was for the bike he was working on. So I call the number and get a voice mail and realize that it is an older slip. So the dude calls me back, irritated, as if he has never mad a mistake and kind of reams me out. Sorry dude, I'm pretty sure that there is some kind of pill you could take for that.

Cool new logo......

As I said Duane was by today and he had the new artwork with him that he has been working on for the IUP Cycling Club. It turned out pretty good. Their first meeting will be August 29th, at 9:00 pm in the Susquehanna Room at the IUP Hub.

Whats up with those beer goggles.......

So BEER GOGGLES came up in an email blast today and I found this picture and thought I should post it for all of you to enjoy.............and for those of you who don't at least will understand the concept.