Wednesday, June 25, 2008

June 25th Ride Report

Had another good ride today. Matt, Zewack and myself did the 3 man loop. It seem appropriate since there were only 3 of us this evening. The funny thing about this loop is that no mater how many start there is always a group of 3 that ends it together. It can be a challenging loop with several climbs and lots of places to really put the hammer down.

I felt really good again today and had no heart problems either. Did a couple sprints and was able to maintain a good rhythm on the climbs, didn't attack them just steady.Looking foreword to the next couple of days, I have several big rides planned.

On a side not on the approach to the climb on Fulton Run (between 2 and 3 miles out) ,I heard Matt exclaim, grill up. I had already had food on my mind and pictured somebody standing by the road handing out hamburgers. Unfortunately he only meant that the grate from somebodies grill had fallen off and was laying beside the road. Now I have a good friend, we call him the beachcomber, that frequently gathers things he finds while riding. However this grate did not meet his criteria for picking things up, it definitely would not fit into my jersey pocket. I thought though that it would be funny and maybe set the bar a little higher.......

Bike Wars Episode 2

After the onset of the clone wars the Jedi Knights are spread throughout the universe, Luke Bikewalkers Droid, jbcj2(cousin to c3po), continues his strategy to collect debris from throughout the universe, to ultimately dump it onto Bike Vader and the clone armies, thus destroying both.

Throughout his journeys he had a set of rules that he followed that had been passed down through Jedi lour, the matter should fit in the Jedi Jersey pocket or at least be easy to carry. this rule had haunted him for many years for he new that the key piece to his ultimate goal, to find and retrieve the sacred Barbecue grill grate. This would be used as a distraction for Lord Vader and the Clone Army, a picnic lunch of sorts. Something to distract them from there goals and temporarily lower their guard for the dumping of the crushing debris. Now you can only imagine how much jbcj2 had to find one pocket full at a time but he is a hard worker and has a keen eye.

Unknown to jbcj2 in another part of the universe another Jedi knight had heard of jbcj2's plight and while cycling had come across the much coveted barbecue grate, and ignoring the Jedi cread, retreived the grate thus allowing years of planning to be set into motion........