Saturday, August 2, 2008

Just Another Day

Another busy day at the shop today. Really looking forward to the weekend this week. I think Brian is home so that means at least one really good hard ride this weekend and of course the XTERRA APPALACHIA is this Sunday as well. Doug always puts on a great event and is sure to have a great turnout. I of course wont be participating. I see no reason to swim before a good bike ride and no reason to run afterwards.

The Tae Kwon-Duo........

The wife stopped buy the store today on her way to Tae Kwon-Do Today. She is just getting started so she is a white belt, my son is a Yellow belt with a green stripe. It is good to see the two of them sharing an interest in something. Its not cycling but at least its better that shopping. I really need to motivate her back onto the bike, I know that she misses riding, she rode 2500 miles until she reached the middle of her eighth month of pregnancy and never really got back to it since. They really both enjoy riding so I know it only a matter of time.

Went to Kennywood the other day......

Went to Kennywood the other day with the family and had a great time. Its really cool having an amusement park so close to home. I didn't ride too much but my kid did, and lets face it , the fact that he had fun was what its all about anyway. I did ride the Exterminator....what a lamo ride the only good thing about it was that i escaped without any major back or neck injuries. My son and I did ride a few things together, like the log jammer and the old time expressway. the cars are kind of a let down from when I was his age. One of the best parts of the ride then was trying to catch the guy in front of you and bumping into them, of course they used golf cart motors and you could control the speed a little bit. not its totally automated, but we had fun anyway.

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