Thursday, August 28, 2008

Thursday Ride Report

Did the reverse Five points loop this evening with hammer. Had a pretty good pace and lots of good conversation. Was actually nice to climb Fulton run a the end o fa 27 miler as opposed to a tongue draggin 45.

Man can that guy spin a yarn.....

Caught the DNC last evening and watched good ol boy Billy's speech. Man , if I didn't already experience that mess I would be ready to vote for him.

48 Hours til 24 Hours.........

Well....Im guesssing around 48 hours from now I will be starting my first night lap at the Seven Springs 24 hour challenge and it appears...atleast right now, that we are in for some good weather...YEA!!!!!!! the last time i did this it was cold wet and miserable and I actually ended up in the hospital because of it. So nice weather will be a bonus, not to mention all of the friends that I will have hanging around doing the race as well. Henry, Mike and Mark on my team, then Jay, Liz, Bil, Gene, Todd, Mel, Dan and many more riding for other teams, it should be an awesome time and I will be sure to report.

The latest buzzz on honeybees.......

It appears that it is possible that a Bayer pesticide may be responsible for Coloney Callapse Disorder. Many profesional beekeepers have been steering clear of this for som time now and now it appears that their resons were justified.

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