Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Ride

Brownie (AKA Brian) was back in town and unable to make the excursion to Roaring Run on Sunday afternoon so He and I did a road ride today. We headed out airport road and did the Tanoma loop.Wow is he in shape these days. He had already done a 26 mile TT earlier today and then rode my legs off.

He isn't Happy with his performance though. He is tearing up the TT's but cant pull it together in a regular road race. I told him he needs to decide what he wants to do well at, either TT or road, and that it would be hard to excel at both.

Get out the Grandma Soap........

So I haven't had the luxury of having great Mother in law stories of my own. My wife's mother passed away early on in our marriage and she was a great lady so I would not have any anyway. But a good friend of mine does. He actually has to put out special soap for her when she comes to visit hence dubbing it GRANDMA SOAP.

Speaking of Mother in Laws.......

Not really but some guys descriptions sometimes give you this kind of visual, apelike and wishing they were dead.

Seriously though, these two dudes from Georgia claim to have found the remains of a DOA Bigfoot. They say that they were hiking deep in the Wooley Swamp, or something like that, and came upon this apelike creature, with reddish hair and human hands and feet(hey, don't bogart that joint my friend). They also have 3 DNA samples...
  1. Human DNA
  2. Possum DNA
  3. Inconclusive
So what we have here is a Susqahumossum.....maybe. I don't know about you but they almost had me until they threw in the Possum thing.(Bigfoot,Baby foot and Possum foot) You decide.

In all seriousness though I am not trying to debunk them, I have seen and heard allot of strange things in the woods while hunting over the years, one of which to this day I question what I actually saw. And just for their sake, PA has between 14,000 and 15,000 bears living withing the confines of the commonwealth. How many have you seen?????

Speaking of Strange Sightings.......

It is rumored that Tow-Chuck will be retuning to the bike. It is rumored to happen today and Rich claims to have sen him in full cycling garb within the past week. I did see him in his car last week, and he exclaimed ere he drove out of site, "HAPPY CYCLING TO ALL AND NEXT WEEK I JUST MIGHT..."

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