Sunday, August 17, 2008

Suday afternoon at RR

Old School at Roaring Run.......

Spent this afternoon at Roaring Run with Bill, Todd,Josh, Nina & Paul. We started out riding most of the older trails. These don't get ridden too much these days since there has been so much focus on the new so some of them were pretty overgrown. The older trails are pretty technical and are on top of the hill so, there isn't as much climbing as there is on the newer trails. Todd, Paul and Nina split off from the group as we approached the newer section so Bill, Josh and myself continued on.

We had a great ride and Josh is an excellent rider, so I co-horsed him into trying this.(first video) He did pretty good but came into it way too fast for all the more run out he had but he pulled it off. Sorry for the shaky camera, I thought that I was going to have to jump out of his way. We finished up around 5:00 and I was spent. All I had to eat before the ride was a bagel.My heart went into Afib a couple or times but came back almost immediately.

Another Chuck Sighting.......

So I had to stop by the store on the way to the ride, and what to my wondering eyes did appear but a familiar face on his Tommasini. That right folks...Chuck had shown up for a ride. It was good to finally see him show up for a ride. Its been a while since I have ridden whith Chuck. We used to spend allot of time ridding together. Of course Rich was sporting his latest team doping jersey (Phonak).

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