Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wedesday night ride report

Did the reverse Tanoma loop this evening with Rich, Andy and Matt. We had a pretty good pace this evening but Matt seamed to be having a little trouble. So we occasionally let up a bit to let him latch back on, at least until he completely disappeared. Now like I said Matt had dropped off a couple of times during the ride but never was out of site. We turned onto Tanoma road and Andy said that he was only about 100 yards back so we just kind o f soft pedaled for a while, until we realized that Matt was no wear to be found. So we tuned around and road the whole way back to 119 and still no Matt. He new the loop but there is no explanation for his disappearance.

So we continued the ride but still soft pedaled for a while just in case mat returned to earth. We also stopped to look at the new bridge being constructed on Hood School road. Penn Dot is doing the work so we figure it ought to be finished just in time for our new years day ride......maybe.

Of course my heart went into affib as we stopped to admire their work but it cam back fairly quickly.

Ahhh the Indiana Fair is almost upon us.......

Get out your trashiest outfit and glob on the make-up....the Indiana County Fair is just about here. Just a friendly reminder to all that we still live in Appalachia. Fair food and all the counties best...I know that I cant weight.

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