Friday, August 22, 2008


So a friend of mine was in the other day and told me that some of his employees were disappointed that I had gone a day or two without updating my blog. Well there is a story behind that.

So I have been spending more time on my blogs these days, adding hyperlinks and such to help make it more enjoyable. This however does take some time, not allot but some. Anyway I awoke the other morning and headed for the living room when all of a sudden I was convicted. Not by the police but by my lord and savior Jesus Christ. What was my conviction you might ask. Well it is quite simple really, I have been finding more time to spend blogging than I have Praying.Never have I felt the lords presence so strongly as I did at that moment.

I know that God is always present,and sometimes His will for me is unclear to me, but often times his words are more like a whisper, that often come to you during prayer, but to have Him basically yell at you is awesome. To know that he is interested and cares about you is indescribable and is something I hope you will experience for yourself someday.

That all being said,I will continue to blog for your entertainment. I will continue to update you on rides and poke fun at whatever I can.

God bless

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Henry Dimmick said...

With the 24 hours of 7 Springs Mountain Bike Race coming up next weekend, we are gonna need all the help (from above) we can get...!!!