Monday, August 11, 2008

Hangin, Fishin, Ridin and Ape'in

Spent the day hanging with the family. Slept in then headed out with my little buddy to do some fishing. After about an hour of driving around looking for somebody opened that sells bait. We ended up at the market in Creekside, got some worms, then it was off to Twolick Reservoir for a little father son time. We fished for about and hour or so, I was surprised to see the Reservoir was down at least 5 feet so our usual spot wasn't so hot, but we had fun anyway.

Back to the house after that for a little yard ape'in and some other foolishness, then we were off to the trail to do a little riding. We stopped at Spotts Music Center on the way to pick up a couple of guitar stands, then continued on to the trail. We spent enough time on the trail for it to start raining and headed home.

The coolest show ever......

Caught a rerun of the Sarah Connor Chronicles this evening. FOX is gearing up for the season premier on September 8th so they are showing the last few episodes from last season. If you are a Terminator fan this is a must see. Cool story line and not overdone.


So the Doping Olympics are on.....Spanish cyclist Maria Isable Moreno tested positive for EPO. What are these people thinking. A good friend of mine has started a crusade to collect the team jerseys of all teams that have been caught and actually writing in sharpie their actual offence. Unfortunately for him he will eventually end up with a jersey form every team that has ever ridden in the tour.

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