Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday August 14th

Nobody showed up for the ride this evening.Threatening rain so I figured that would happen. Nobody really likes to get wet and it looked as if some thunderstorms were headed our way.

Tickets..Get your tickets here.......

So Henry popped in today to visit and to pick up his new saddle. Its pretty cool but I'm not sure how much his stuff will appreciate it. We had a nice visit catching up on things since he has been gone for a few weeks. Unfortunately the Indiana Borough Welcoming Committee, AKA Meter Maid,o ops I'm sorry PARKING ENFORCEMENT OFFICERS was lurking nearby and gave him a thanks for shopping Indiana certificate, which amounts to a around $5 payable to Indiana County Parking Authority.

Now I would know how the 100's of people that visit the little walk-in clinic on the corner can park pretty much all day and get away with it but if I have a customer park for more that a minute they can expect a ticket.


So I get a call today from what appeared to be a friendly Seasoned citizen. So she proceeded to ask me if I carried ride-on scooters, Now I have never heard of such a thing so I asked her to describe or be more specific as to what she was asking me. "Oh they are very popular" she says. "They sit low to the ground and have pedals on them". Still confused I say that I have never seen such a thing, to which her reply was "well they have them at Idlewild". So now the wheels start turning and I think to myself...So your looking for a carnival ride and you suppose it is very popular because the line for this particular ride was so long.(Little Rascals - Children sit down on the handcar and move themselves along the rails by turning the handcrank in front of them. Every little kid's favorite!) >So I again state that I don't have such an Item in my store and that I am sorry that I was unable to help her."OK then she says and i suppose she figures that I had stopped listening when she rudely says"your a bike shop and it has pedals like a bike so I supose you should have it". If I had only known that I could own the market on the Little Rascal Handcar I could have probably retired to the Carribian by now.

First of all lady its a BIKE SHOP not a Handcar/Carnival ride shop. I'm glad that I dont have a bad temper because it was tempting to Star sixty nine here and ask her to clarify what she said at the very end of our conversation, but sometimes you just need to let things go.


Henry Dimmick said...

Just Let it Go? For sure. (which is easier when you go through the excersixe of writing about it!)

Henry Dimmick said...

With that $5...I figure I now own a small section of (Main Street) which was all being paved as I came into town. Nothing like sitting on a hot moto, on a hot day, at Flagman traffic STOP, on hot asphalt, to get you in the mood for a Parking Ticket!