Saturday, August 9, 2008

Just Imagine if your local bikeshop guy handed you this.

Another busy day at the shop. Lots of customers and lots of repairs. It really amazes me what some people will put up with while riding their department store bikes. Its no wonder that her brakes don't work right. Oh well, the pay is good and its good for a laugh or two. You should have seen the Elk bike. I will try to find a picture.

More Happy Customers..........

Stewart and John both picked up they're new bikes this weekend. A do it all Schwinn World DBX, and I mean do it all , cyclocross, Touring, Commuting or just plain getting out there. And Johns new Giant OCR Carbon 3. Both were smiling ear to ear. thanks guys and enjoy.

Maybe I'll Ride this In Erie In September.....

So I took this and another bike on trade a month ago. Turns out that this one is kind of cool. Its a Centurion Master Ironman, Dave Scott edition. Dave was and is an excellent athlete and there has been many products with his branding over the years. Maybe, just maybe I will race this in Erie this coming September. I might at least take it along.

What was he thinking????????

So I'm no political junkie, but I do have my opinions. I really think that it is a shame about John Edwards.Not that he got caught but the fact that he did it. Unfortunately it appears to be a sign of the times and infidelity is something that touches people in all walks of life.Lets face it the Dem's have little or nothing to offer these days and to see a guy like that fall into such a mess is quite the shame. Edwards could have been a real positive influence in what appears to be a failing Democratic run, although I am sure that it will have little or no affect on any future political endeavors he may have, which is a shame in itself.

Roaring Run Tomorrow.......

Looking foreword to tomorrows ride at Roaring Run. It has been well over a year since I have been there to ride so I am sure that I will leave some blood behind. I hope that everybody that said they will be there will show, I will have some photos as well to share. Sorry for missing the road ride tomorrow Rich. You should really get a mountain bike.

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