Sunday, June 22, 2008

Weekly Update

So with my best efforts I have been unable to post on a daily basis bu I will try Harder. This weeks rides went really well. I am finally starting to feel like myself again. Like i have said before my affib has gone into what I call remission, and I am pretty sure up to this point that it can be attributed to my fitness level as well as a couple of other factors.
My training and riding has been becoming more consistent with a good mix of hard and easy days with good rest in between. The variety in riding and rest between is something that was lacking last season. I get over trained and my heart lets me know.
This weeks rides went very well as I said. Nicol, Hammer, Zewack and I headed out Wednesday evening for a 30 miler. We did Luscousborough with a Power plant add on. Good long efforts to the power plant all to be rewarded with a 50 mph descent back into Coral. Did the Dark side climb to Luscousborough (3+ mi.) the another windy, 3+mil descent back into Homer City. Then some rollers back to Indiana. Hammer wont let up at all, although Nicol broke his spirit a couple of times on the big climb. I only noticed a little arrhythmia when I got back to the shop or it may just be that i was a little hypoxic.
Thursdays ride went well also. Nicol, myself and Mat did the Dixonville loop. After many interruptions and a quick stop by my house to get dressed for the ride we headed out airport road. Lots of good little climbs on this road but Nicol and I hammered along pretty steady, only slowing occasionally at the top of the climbs to let mat catch back on. Once we drooped back down onto 286 we really turned on the gas since this was mostly flat or downhill Matt was able to hang. We then jumped onto 403 to Dixonville and hammered down again. this section of 403 has a slight grade so you can really keep a good rhythm. Nicol and I dropped Matt pretty quick and switched on and off on the front. e were almost to Dixonville when I stood up and really dropped the hammer on the last climb, that was all for me for a few minutes. Sometimes when I put forth an extra effort my heart will jump into Affib, and of course it did but only for about a minute. we soft pedales to bar slope the put the hammer down again. I had no further problems during the ride and was able to at least try to beat Nicol to all of the township signs but I just don't have as much snap in my sprint as he does.
Brian and I did an easy 13 on Saturday after closing the store. I really miss him being around. Brian is a great trainign partner and a really good friend. We did double bridges JRA(just riding around) with a couple of little efforts. My legs felt like lead but no other problems.
Today's ride was phenomenal. We did a variation of the Plumville loop. Zewak, Fanning and myself headed out around 1. We started out pretty easy, but once we hit Marting road i just kind of exploded off the front. I was just riding but slowly but surly riding the 2 of them off my wheel. the gap kept getting bigger so i kind of started to soft pedal a little bit, or at least I thought I was. I made the turn onto 110 and headed to Creekside, still no sign of my riding partners. Turned onto 954 and still no Fanning and Zewack, man I love it when I'm feeling good. I just kept riding, just keeping a pace that felt good, noot too hard as to explode but hard enough to keep the others at bay. Fanning finally caught up to me in Plumville, he was close a couple of times before then but really faded on the climbs. Why could i have not felt this good at the Erie TT last weekend. (cant remember if I blogged about that one or not) . Anyway Tom and I road together for the rest of the ride. we came back across Reading run Road to Bell School and dropped back onto Five points road. We then proceeded to Davis raod and cut across Washington Church back to 119. Road 119 back to chambersville Road to Creekside, back on Fulton Run to Indiana. I really had no trouble dropping tom today if I even tried a little, I really felt like my old self today and that is outstanding, and hopefully it will last. I was a little Hypoxic again once i got home though and did have a slight arrhythmia when i arrive home but only for a minute or 2.

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