Sunday, July 6, 2008

Saturday Afternoon Ride

Had a good ride this afternoon. Closed the shop at 1:00 today since it was a Holiday weekend and rode with Brian, Sean and John (a student from wyoteck) . we started out doing the Five Points Loop but a one point lost John. We did not realize he had ridden form Blairsville and was struggling to hang on, so he decided to make a turn towards home without telling us. We turned back and I just caught a glimpse of him heading in the opposite direction. We chased him down and he explained that he was just going to head for home, which would have been about a 60 mile ride for him, so we decided to change our route to one that would get him in a more homeward bound direction.
So we opted for the 3 man loop, and as usual 4 men started together and 3 finished. We had a really nice ride, although my quad were still screaming from the night before, but the further we rode the better they felt.
The ride was pretty much uneventlful, except that Sean cant make low speed turns without falling off his bike.

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