Friday, January 30, 2009

Whats your problem???????

I swear....if I hear another person with a good job, family and good health whine about life I may just punch them in the mouth. Seriously folks.......Well that's enough of that

One of my sons favorite Summertime sports.......

So I was headed out to clear the snow and my son asked if he could come out as well. He is not put off by adverse weather and makes the best of what is thrown at him,which I think is awesome. So out the door and straight to the swing.I think he would do this forever if you would let him, although he still refuses to make himself go so that means allot of pushing for me and his mom. Oh well, that's OK he wont be this little forever.

Doesn't that just warm your cycling heart?

So as I said I was clearing snow and my son finally pryed himself away from his swing and comes up and asks for his bike helmet. With now cohersion from me he is asking to ride his bike in 20 deg. weather with 5 inches of the white stuff on the ground......AWESOME :>)

BTW, Its official........My son now has more miles on his bike that I do this year. Oh well I will surely catch up and pass him...I hope to anyway.

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