Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's a love hate thing......

Did a loop on the fixie this afternoon...around 20 mi. Now in my opinion riding a fixie is one of the best and fastest ways to get into shape....this is the love part:
  1. It improves your spin
  2. It's good for your knees
  3. It improves your endurance
  4. It improves your ability maintain a constant effort
  5. It improves leg strength
  6. It's stylish

But it isn't all good...
  1. No gears
  2. Climbing can be a pain especially here in PA
  3. Not enough people ride more than 5 miles on one
  4. If your not a a buck twenty five it aint easy
  5. 165 mm cranks (no leverage)
Although it's got to be better than Fixed Gear Mountain Biking.....not single speed FIXED GEAR....that's just plain ?????

First find of the year........

Found this perfectly good snow scraper with a brush this afternoon on the way back home......that's one for me Beachcomber :>)


John said...

Whoo Hooo! Great find. That's a keeper.

John said...
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Henry Dimmick said...

Regarding Fixies's the STYLE part that most appeals to me :) Sam rides his all the time... including times where he has no business riding it... and usually becasue he has torn every other bike he owns into pieces, and nothing else is in working order!