Friday, February 20, 2009

Spinning tomorrow.......

Going to spin class tomorrow. Looking forward to a great workout. Jim asked me if I wanted to teach but I think I will hold off o that for a few more weeks, still out of shape , although round is a shape.This is really the only form of training I am getting right now and if I am going to race this year I need to get on the ball. I talked to Brian this evening, he.s been riding in Florida, and he has big plans for me this season, so I guess I have no choice.


So I don't know how long its been since you looked for a job but this new way of finding one stinks. It seems that 99% of companies list their openings with Headhunters, IE. placement specialists. I am sure that some of them are good but I talked to one the other day that really did not seem to know what she was doing. I wont go into details but, based on my conversation with her I wouldn't think she would be qualified to answer the phone let alone find somebody a good job.

Speaking of Obama...................

It is amazing to me how this economy situation has taken the focus off of what is going on abroad. Its like he is getting a free ride (SURPRISE) and not having to answer or face the hard questions about allot of important things that could have a major impact on our safety and that of our troops.
  1. Shortly after Obama's envoy, Richard Holbrooke, visited Pakistan, that country surrendered to the Taliban and al-Qaeda. The Pakistani government now says the Taliban has the authority to impose sharia law in the northern part of that country.
  2. The government of Kyrgyzstan is closing the US base that supplies NATO forces in Afghanistan.
  3. A report by the Institute for Science and International Security says that Iran could have weapons-grade nuclear material this year.
  4. Kim Jong-Il, the leader of North Korea, celebrated his 67th birthday this week by threatening a nuclear missile test.
Oh well, I guess we all knew that he would get a free ride form the media, since he is their guy. I personally don't want to see him fail. The fallout, I feel, would be too devastating to our country.

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