Friday, March 27, 2009

A thank you to all the consistant people in my life.....

Now I don't know about you but I can not stand it when one day somebody totally ignores you and then the next day acts like they are you best friend. Now I now that this is a tired old subject with me but man I just cant stand it. Tonight was another perfect example...My son goes to a christian school and they had their spring concert this evening. Now the children and teachers there are great and all treat my son with the utmost respect and courtesy but, many of the parents have much to learn, from the way their children act and respond to each other. Unfortunately though , most of the children will probably learn their parent bad habbits..

Of course there were some people from our church there as well and it is the same from some of them as well. these events are more like a big my kid goes to private school social event, instead of the great concert an message that was presented by the kids and the faculty. You can tell that everybody puts their best effort into making these programs a learning experience for the kids as well as those in attendance.

So that all being said, a heart felt thanks goes out to all of my friends...both old and new , fellow church members, and to those that are mere acquaintances. You all know who you are and I thank you for being the type of people you are. People that you can count on, talk to, be honest with and of course have fun with.

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