Monday, June 8, 2009

My Hearts Just Not In It........

Wow!!!!!! What a terrible past two weeks. Limited riding time and it seems I am in Affib or just not feeling right more times than not. Affib attacks on both group rides last week, as well as periodic attacks in between.
I was really looking forward to doing two different races this pas weekend. Friday night at the track ITT and Dash for cash on Saturday MTB. I was not only looking forward to racing but also seeing some friends and teammates that I have yet to see this year, but after last weeks rides I decided against. I really hate to pay entry fees for a race only to either have a miserable ride or be unable to participate at all. If this keeps up I am going to by a MOTO.

It seems that even an easy ride these days cause me grief. Went out with "Z" last evening for some LOE and did good through the ride. We did about 20 easy miles with a few good climbs. I wen hard on the climbs just to see how my heart would respond, I started back on my supplementation on Friday, and had no trouble at all. But later in the evening and all through the night I did. I really need to get this figured out before I go completely nuts. I am going to try doing some longer tempo rides ans see if that helps. I will have to try to hook up with Fanning as that is the only type of riding he does.
Speaking Of "Z"........
Was over at Poser Central the other day and he seemed surprised that somebody could sweat enough to ruin equipment. I will have to introduce him to "Z" someday. This guy has ruined more cycling equipment with his sweat than The Poser could possibly fathom. Actually I should get these guys together so "The Poser" could draft "Z" and get some of his caustic sweat on his bike parts to further his Posability. This guy ahd ruined frames, cranks, chains, derailures, cables, paint and brakes to name a few.
Anyway, "Z" is in pretty good shape for a guy who, due to a neck injury has been doing nothing but roller mile this year, haveing only just over 100 mi on his ORBEA. When is the last time you only had 100 mi on the road by JUNE? Probably before you even owned a bike as a kid Im guessing.

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