Friday, February 5, 2010


So I spent some time today catching up on a few of the blogs I normally read, and some that I don't.Most are cycling related but not all. Some are commentary. Anyway I was reading Steevos blog and it appears he , as well as others, have fallen into the same predicament many of us fall into this time of year. Plenty of time and nothing to write about. Now of course there is always cometary and you could spend a good amount of your time researching and writing about upcoming or ongoing cycling events in other countries. Or you could get your political self on and comment on the idiots in DC. I however would rather stick to writing about personal events and the occasional rant on something that may or may not be controversial. So rather than bore you you with snow shoveling I will leave it at that.

This ought to be a good read............
So a good friend of mine has decided to enter teh blogosphere (I know he looks like Ferb). Mike and I have been friends and riding bikes together for quite some time now adn I am pretty sure that he is one of those people that will be a part of my life until life ends. I have been witness to many of his exploits which ar humerous in themselves, but for the ones that I dont, his anecdotal take on them are quite entertaining.
One of my earliest memories of Mike was at a local mountain bike race. I really cant remember if I raced that day but I remember hanging around at the finish line waiting for people to come in. i was talking to Tom when I heard a scream. As I turn around I pay witness to a guy on a green mountain bike flying over his handlebars and landing square on his back in the middle of a road.  Come to find out, this is standard operating proceedure for him. Anyway I am sure that he will have much to entertain you with so enjoy.

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