Monday, April 2, 2018


So as of tomorrow I will have been out of rhythm for a week. To say I'm disappointed would be an understatement, and until you have spent even 1 hour out of NSR thee is absolutely no way that you could ever understand. I emailed my doctor on Friday concerning the next step and possible cardioversion and I just got off of the phone with him a while ago. I was contacted by a nurse later today and scheduled the cardioversion for this coming Friday. This will involve me having another TEE and then electrically converting my heart back to NSR. None of this sounds like very much fun, however I am determined to get ahead of this and finally slay my demon.

After the cardioversion I will continue on the Flecanide. There is a possibility I will be changed to a new drug Tikosyn which I don't think will be an option I am personally wanting to take. The change would require a 4 day stay in the hospital to be monitored 24/7 and the medication itself is not a path I want to take.

There Is A Bright Side

Over the weekend I reached out to fellow affibers as to the process to seeing a Specialist in another state. I got lots of feedback immediately which did not surprise me in the least. There is a specialist I have known about for a while now and had the situation been different back in January  is who I would have liked to have don my second ablation.. Things moved pretty quickly that day and having had good success the first time around I had little doubt that the touch up procedure would be any less effective. Again Ill mention that wonderful thing called NSR that a majority of folks live with every day and the desire to achieve that for myself again.

So know I have wheels set into motion on two fronts. The cardioversion and the process of having the specialist have a go at my heart. I will be sure to keep a good record of what is to come so as to maybe help somebody else down the road.

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