Tuesday, June 12, 2018


So I booked my flights for my surgery today. Delta actually has a special medical rate that they offer to patients and the person accompanying them. I did not realize this as I had called them before inquiring about the flight and what would happen if I had to cancel or change my flight. At that time they didn't offer me. While booking my flight today I did have a question and called again. I explained the situation exactly as before but this time they offered me the special rate. Saved me about $100 so that's a win.

Still Hanging Around.....

No real changes in my Sciatic pain but the Ticosyn appears to be working better as we move along so a good sign anyway.. I'm still hanging around as well, so to speak. I'm up to -60 deg on the TEETER now. I'll hit full inversion sometime next week. It is giving me some relief but nothing permanent yet  I'm doing inverted crunches as well, which if nothing else should start getting my core back to where it should be. I did however go to the Chiropractor today. He is convinced that I am dealing with a joint issue. He didn't rule out the Piriformis Muscle but felt it was more joint related. The SI joint is where he is focusing.

He did pretty much rule out a disc issue though which made me happy. In his opinion the fact that it has gone back and forth from one side to the other, with both at one point along the way. He does not think a bulged disc would act that way. It's also a progressive pain that gets worse throughout the day which is what makes him think its a joint issue or possibly Piriformis Syndrome. Either way I'm happy that its not disc related as I have been back and forth with my self diagnosis.

So he gave me some exercises to do. Did some deep tissue massage on my glutes, worked my lower back and SI joint. He also had me walk and noticed  my gate is way off. More of a swagger than a walk right now as I am favoring my right side. It's no wonder my back is bothering me the way I have been hobbling around these days.

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