Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Like a roller coaster

That’s how my life has been the past couple of weeks. I finally got the nerve block done. Even though I only got a couple days of moderate relief, it was a turning point. Every day since has gotten a little better. I had to go off the elequis for 3 days and got to get injections in my abdomen twice. Pa day for 3 days. Good times.  I also got clarification as to what I have going on. I have a T12-L1 bulged disc and a L5-S1 herniation. Super fun times. Oh and the pain finally ended up throwing me out of rhythm the same week that I was getting abdominal injections. That particular day the pain was so bad that my chest actually hurt.

So for two weeks I literally felt like a ticking time bomb between my heart and pain. On the bright side, yes there is one, I converted back to sinus rhythm on my own after about two weeks. So I was able to cancel the cardioversion that I had scheduled for tomorrow. I have also been going to physical therapy 3 days a week which also seems to be helping with the pain.

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