Wednesday, December 16, 2020

They say a picture is worth more than words.....

 Lots has happened since my last post. The heart is well and I'm feeling great. My wife did test positive for Covid. I tested negative but the whole house had to quarantine. Fortunately none of us got any sicker that a bad head cold.

Other than that nothing else special going on. We did have a nice Thanksgiving and we have done some hiking as a family as well as some solo hikes by myself. Also been hitting the trail with Larry. I've been averaging about 20 miles a week and doing no less than 5 miles at a time. the longest hike I've done so fare was a little over 9 miles.

Anyway here are some photos from the past month or so in no particular order. everything from hiking photos to physics problem solving examples I did for my son..

The Fam
Yellow Creek

Yellow Creek
Nice Buck

Smoked Turkakaunus

Market Square Ice Rink

Roaring Run
Larry (Roaring Run)

Whites Woods Par Course
Bear Run

Bear Run
Bear Run

There is so much more and I will share more later.........

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