Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Last Week S&@^@d

What a horrible week. the only highlight that is remotely cycling related was reading Burt's Blog (that guy cracks me up, although I'm sure his boss would be P*&^#d if he found out he was blogging instead of working. BTW if anybody can figure out who he is let me know.). Anyway, last week for me was horrible. after a pretty descent race the previous weekend, at Clark Valley, Wednesdays ride was quite the let down. the shop was a zoo and I was spent but I figure that what does not kill me will make me strong.Rich, Andy and myself did one of Rich,s through together loops and ended up with about 40. it wasn't a lot of fun but I finished. As far as the rest of the week went I totally bagged Thursday and did not ride again until Sunday.

I really need to start keeping my Camera at the ready.........

The family and myself headed out to Steel City Samiches for dinner. That's not a misspelled word its just a Burg thing. The guy worked for Permanti's for 24 years and just opened shop in downtown Indiana) So we are cruising along and this dud on a custom Harley pulls out in front of us and My wife starts cracking up. I ask her whats up and she points at said dude. Just so happens that his low rider jeans didn't quite make it to his midriff. This picture tells the story but does not quite meet the specs. This guy had enough crack showing that I bet if he want riding a Harley you would here a whistle.

Then not 2 minutes later we are headed up Philly street towards our destination and I see the owner of previously mentioned restaurant crossing the street, in the cross walk none the less, now everybody starts to slow down and come to a stop to let them pass. Except for the State Trooper that blew right past them, no lights and nobody else around coming his way. I will give him credit though, he did look in his rear view mirror to make sure they made it across unscathed.

Weekend race news.......

I didn't race this weekend but others did. Brian, Mike, and Nicol did the Wilderness 101 in state college on Saturday. Mike finished in 9 hours and 09:51:00 (not unscathed of course), Nicol in a little over 11 hours and Brian in over 12. Hoovis raced a Carlisle and broke the 1 hr barrier in the 40K TT.

Sundays Ride........

Did the Prosperity Hill loop with Andy and John....another horrible ride. I felt good at some parts but mostly wished that I was home. Of course the ride started out with the regular Sunday after church crowd yelling and blowing their horns at us. Unfortunately on this particular day I had to apologize for one of our Church members for his exploits. Andy had drifted a little far out into the road the next thing I heard was a horn blaring and a motor revving, i turned to looked over just in time to see one of our Church Deacons speeding by. I told them that the difference was that there was no foul language or improper gestures flying from the SUV. Anyway I figure that I must be getting dehydrated again, therefore the explanation for my poor performance, I have no explanation for the Deacon. Oh well better days are on the horizon

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