Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weekend at Galitzen

Not much to report from this past weekend. Went camping with the family. I did however commute back and forth from Prince Galitzen State Park and Indiana a couple of times though. The first time was Friday afternoon with Dirty Mike. He was heading out on a 5 day Biking/Fly fishing trip,(lucky sap). So we rode together to the park together since he was staying there as well on the first night of his journey.

It was an enjoyable ride, Mike and I don't get to ride together that often these days so it was great to have the time together JRA. So after a leisurely 3 Hour ride to the park we got showered up and sat down to a nice meal and conversation. Of course 2 cyclist know nothing of getting a fire going fast.

Got started the next day off headed back to Indiana to work for a few hours.. I had Gail drive me back to Caroltown so I did not have to leave too early in the AM. Had a nice ride home, although it was not without its oddities one of which has me baffled. If humans bring hamburgers and hot dogs to a barbecue, what do cows bring. That's right folk looks like the back at the barnyard gang is at it again, now this begs the question, why is Indiana County called the Christmas Tree capitol of the world, maybe it should be changed to the Barbecue capitol.Now you got to believe I have more reason than the cows for this, Right?

That's right folks R2Barbeque including a setting for one as well as a dogie bag. Oh i almost forgot this one. How about Clymers version of muscle beach. Nothing like a little Barbell Barbecue you know packing it on while your packing it on. Also got a little time on my new TT bike this weekend. Bike feels really good but needs a little tweaking to be perfect. Did 28 miles on it on Saturday and the same on Monday. Oh and i had no heart issues this weekend although I did bonk on the way home on Monday.

Rider Out.......

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