Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ride Reports and more......

Did the Eastern Shore loop with Rich, Henk, and Fanning. What a wind Whopper. 14 mph Headwinds with gusts up to ??????? I have never ridden across 217 that slow in my life. The other anecdotal note from the ride is the balls of my feet my feet hurt at the end. I have only ever had this happen a couple of times in my riding career. Usually during a century early in the season. I contribute it to the forcible pedaling into the headwind for 34 out of the 40+ mile ride. Oh and about 3 miles out I bonked. Didn't eat lunch before the ride......Stupid.

Wednesday Night Ride report........

Did the reverse Tanoma Loop this evening with Matt, Rich and Steve. This was Steve's first ride with the group. It is always fun when somebody new shows up. What makes it fun is the unknown and trying to see if you can make them crack. Not to be mean or anything like that, it is kind o f a training ride and it helps them see where they are at in their fitness. He is a pretty good rider and if he keeps racing it wont be long before he is hangin and dropping others on the ride. I had a really good ride today. the stress is dissipating in my life and I hope that this will have a positive affect on my heart.

Peanutbutter Racing.........

Sam won the peanut butter festival race this past weekend. The team had a fairly good turn out as well.
  • Brownie finished 38th overall which isn't bad for a guy that has been spending way too much time on his TT bike
  • Rich Allen finished 42nd overall.
  • And Henry forgot his shoes....... which surprises me because he usually starts preparing for these kind of things way in advance.
Other notable mentions are....Jason Blews 24th (SS), Martin Flynn 26tth, Duane "Corkett" Corbett 36th, Liz Martin 55th, Ben Shcerf 62nd (SS). and lets not forget those that competed against SANDBAGGER OF THE YEAR "HANSEL LUCAS",(I hate that stuff) Charles Flynn (Martins dad adn first race), and Rebecca Blews (Jasons Wife).

Congratulations to all for doing such a great job. That course is not easy and to complete it is an accomplishment.

Get Out Your Pooper Scooper.......

So this is the best use we can come up with for DNA testing? I'm sure that Indiana Borough (Sorry their site is still under construction. Maybe the will get caught up to the 21st century before we reach the 30th century. Should change the name to Mayberry) will be all over this. Any way to make a buck and make people not want to come or live here.......Thanks for all you do.

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