Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday Ride Report

Did the Nolo Hill loop with Matt, Andy and Duane Sunday afternoon. Once I fixed Duane's bike we headed out 6th street to Metts Road. Man I hate that road. It like riding a roller coaster without the thrill or fun. Actually that was pretty much how the whole ride went. Climb after climb with what seamed like little or redemption. The best descent of the ride ended in a T at the bottom so you couldn't even enjoy the role out before the next climb.

All in all a pretty good ride with some pretty good efforts and a descent average for a hill 44 miler. I felt OK today except my legs felt like two anchors. No real heart problems today just a few little jumps but nothing serious.

The Clintonistas Are Supposedly On the Prowl......

So I heard rumors today that Bidon is going to pull out due to some health issues and Clinton is going to step up. How stupid. For her to stand up and be 3rd choice would be both a disgrace and humiliating. Now don't get me wrong, I would not have supported her for president, but....she would have been a much more worthy opponent than NOBAMA.......BTW have you notice that when he gives his speeches he refuses to look straight into the camera at his television audience. its always left or right while diverting his look while changing back and forth.And what if this happens.

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