Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wednesday Night Ride Report

Ended up having a descent ride this evening. I hadn't been on my bike since the 24 hour extravaganza this pas weekend.Rich,Andy,Matt,John,Bill and myself did the Eastern Shore loop. We started out rolling slow out of town.I am glad for that because my legs were still full of junk from the weekend.My heart wasn't in it either. It was jumping around and actually went into affib once before we were even through campus. I actually at one point was ready to bag the ride but pushed on.

I was somehow able to keep it together and as we rode I continued to feel better and by about 5 miles in I was starting to feel normal again. My legs still weren't in it but my heart was starting to come around.I took really short pulls for a while and just kind of hid in the back but once we got near Virginia farms I was really starting to feal like muyself again and started pullling more and picking up the pace.

Somthing is missing here.........

Today was my sons first day of school. He has come to work with me every day for the past 3 years adn I am going to realy miss him. We dont alwasys get to do much when he is heare but we do spend allot of time talking.I am really going to miss him.

Matt update.........

So you might remember a week or so me telling a story about an abduction on our ride...well here is the rest of the story. When I arrive at the shop the following day it was kind of like the scene from Close encounters were all the war planes show up without their pilots only not as dramatic and Matt was actually standing there as well. It seems that his front derailure was a bit out of adjustment dropping his chaing, which bound things up forcing his rear derailure into his spokes thus breaking 5 and bending his front derailure.

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