Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Finally remembered what I did two Sundays ago.......

I just finished reading Steve's blog and my memory was jolted back two weeks. On that Sunday, Steve, Matt, Zewack, Nicoll, Hammer and Myself did the Three man loop. We stayed together pretty god until we left 286 to McEntire the steady climb and accelerations left a couple of guys a little short as we approached the steeper part of the road. We then waited and regrouped for the big climb to Parkwood and finally regrouped again at sportsman's club road. Everybody pretty much hung on til 422 then Nicoll took it up a notch and He, Hammer and myself spit the rest of the guys right off the back and never let up until the end.We all had a pretty good ride and it really feels good to come home with little or nothing left.

By the way which ones PINK.........

Went to the Benedem to see the Austrailian Pink Floyd on Tusday October 7th. What a spectacular show. We kind of decided to go at the last minute so our seats could have been a little better but there really aren't any bad seats at the Benedum Center so it was still OK. They played The Wall front to back with some theatrics and video. It is hard to believe how much they sounded like the original and I don't think anybody left disappointing, I actually have the movie playing in the background right now. If you have never seen the movie before it is a must see for any Floyd Fan..... set aside 90 minutes follow this link and enjoy or if you have already sen it, enjoy it again. They also played about a 45 minute set from The Dark side Of The Moon. If you get the chance to see this band or the Pink Floyd Experience you really should go.

This kind of puts things into perspective.........

A friend of mine did Iron Cross this past weekend and had a bad day (flat tire). Anyway he is a good writer and has written many anecdotal stories over the years, most of which are hilarious, this one however shows another side of Mike which is why we all love him so much.....enjoy.

No Joy In Muddville

Three major races this season and three major disappointments. Mohican 100‐total implosion with 10 miles to go and then a wrong turn, adding 6 miles. Wilderness 101‐broken rib at mile 67 and then limping into the finish. Finally, Iron Cross, my shot at redemption‐a torn tire at mile 47 of 62. I was well on my way to shattering my personal best, when it all went rushing away, like the air from the 3” gash in my rear tire. I’ve spent the last 24 hours sulking, thinking of wasted efforts from thousands of training miles, hours suffering in heat, cold, rain. Long lonely miles working towards goals left unfulfilled and dreams left unrealized.

The more I thought about things gone wrong, the more bummed I became. Then it hit me like a frying pan; what a complete tool I am. It’s pretty ridiculous that I could be so self absorbed to actually be upset that a couple bike races didn’t go well. Over the last two years; I’ve watched a friend return to the bike after a life threatening illness. I’ve watched another friend come back to competitive cycling after battling a heart disorder. So many others, with REAL problems. Financial distress. Marital problems. Sick children. Lost jobs. Fire. Plague. Petulance…Bad bike race… My God…please. Riding a bike is a luxury, racing a bike a privilege. My friends have taught me that. It’s a lesson that I’ve needed to relearn and apparently must remind myself frequently. How many things do we take for granted? Far too many I’m afraid. Go out and ride your bike…just because you can.

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