Sunday, October 26, 2008

Gone Hunt'in........

As I said before its Hunting season so the bike kind of moves to the back burner for a while.I was out both Friday and Saturday afternoons. Friday was a pretty good day. After walking in on another hunter I had to rethink my strategy for the day. So I set up in an area I have never hunted before.

I found a tree suitable for my climber and took a perch about 20 feet up and relaxed.I arrived a little later than I wanted to mostly because of the other hunter being in the spot I had originally planned to hunt but that really did not concern me. I enjoy being out as much as anything else, I just missed out on an hour of relaxation is all.. So after sitting for r a while I pulled out my rattling antlers and started to make some noise. I rattled for about 5 minutes and waited. then I rattled again for about 2.

Now I have never used any tactic for hunting that has worked as well or consistently as rattling except for a grunt tube. But that usually only works if you actually see a deer and can intemperate how he is responding to the noises you are making. So I waited about 30 minutes and started again for another 3 or 4 more minutes. I put the antlers down and just waited. I must have been off my game a little because I just happened to look to my right and there was a pretty nice little 6 point standing right there. He was a 1 1/2 year old deer and was sporting his first rack. Where I hunt the deer have to have at least 4 points on a side so I let him walk. I probably would have anyway since hes was such a young deer. That was the only deer I saw on Friday except for the one that I spooked when climbing down out of the tree.

More Hunt'in.......

Saturdays hunt went pretty good. I got out a little later than i wanted to and the deer were already on the move. All in all I saw over 20 deer on the day.

My brother and I are very fortunate to be able to hunt the property that we do. It actually belongs to some long time family friends of mine. it consists of 130 acres surrounded by about 2000 acres of private land. i have permission to hunt both their property and a neighboring property that consist of over 700 acres, so there is ample room. The only rule is don't shoot any of the does hanging around the farm house and don't shoot the white buck..... These are pretty easy rules to follow in returned for the great hunting opportunities.

The only other other place I hunt that produces the quality deer I see here are some public game lands close to my house, but I don't spend too much time there, even though I have seen some of the biggest bucks there as well.

I should really carry a camera....

So I set up in one of my favorite spots and as I said the deer were already on the move. So I did a little rattling and waited. I saw a bunch of does but no antlers. then about 40 minutes or so before dark 2 does come balling by my stand with their tails tucked and the hair standing up on their backs. they come to the field and abruptly stop and then meander on into the field. So I stand there for a minute listening and I here another deer approaching. Now I am pretty sure that a mature buck is coming due to the loud guttural grunting I am hearing approach. So I grab my bow and wait. Pretty soon he appears..........."THE WHITE BUCK".

Now he is not your normal white buck, he is actually a palomino buck. Brown at the head turning to spots then white at the rear. He also has a dark chocolate rack, and unlike most palomino bucks his rack is perfect. He is an 8 point with plenty of mass and I would say at least a 18" spread, and would probably score in the 130'-140's. Needless to say he is beautiful and would make an awesome mount.

So he approaches the field and stops about 15 feet from my stand and works a scrape, then moves out into the field and walks right in front of me, nose to the ground. What an awesome display. I think that I am going to start carrying my video camera all the time now. There is so much to see in the outdoors and I would like to be able to share what I see with others.

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