Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I think my brain is asleep.....

So after another long day I headed for the gas station for a fill-up. So I pull up to the pump and run in to prepay since it seams that there was a rash of pump and run when prices were high...although I heard of none.

Anyway I come back out to pump my gas and for the life of me I cant find the gas cap on my truck...which is normally located on the drivers side. So I get in turn the truck around, walk to the other side and what do yo know.....no fuel cap. Now I am frustrated so I walk back to the other side and guess what miraculously appears.....my gas cap. So back into the truck and turn it around again and out again to pump. All the while some guy is watching this all transpire and all I could do was look at him...smile..and say..."its been a long day".

Monkeyboys off to Florida......

That's right folks and he isn't using his frequent flier miles either. He is riding his bike. this is a new endeavor for him and I hope that he does not regret it. Not saying that he isn't physically able it is just probably the wrong time of the year to do it is all.

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