Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm Beat.......

this week has really taken its toll on me. working from 2:30 am until some days after 5 weren't so bat until I got a cold. I figure I will be better by sometime after Christmas since that's when the hours at UPS will cut back.

Kick a man while he is down...........

So I have been working at UPS and doing drafting work. I was hired to help out with a project that is coming to an end so I am pretty sure I will be out of that job shortly. So as I said let the pointed toe kicking begin......
  • Job uncertainty
  • Grandmother admitted to the Hospital. Not sure what is wrong...maybe a stroke
  • Feel like crap due to illness
  • And for the cou-de-gra......... Sam was to the vet today, he has been limping around, and they feel that he has bone cancer and there is nothing to be done for him so his time with us may be limited
The bright side........

Some may wonder how that could be but the lord does work in mysterious ways.
  • I know that I will find another job
  • My Grandmother has lived a very full and happy life. Not extravagant but happy and full of love
  • I will get better
Sam on the other hand is not going so easy.......

I have only had a few dogs in my life and only in my adult life. We did not have pets as kids. Annie was the first. she was a beagle and one of the best ones I have ever hunted with. we would hunt from sun up to sun down, and on more that one occasion I actually carried her out of the woods. I spent a lot of time with that dog both hunting and at the house in the yard. She was obedient and would even retrieve a rabbit that was shot ( a real rarity). then she got some kind of hip disease common to beagle and i had to put her down. I couldn't bare to be in the room with her when they did it so I left the room with tears in my eyes. they latter brought her out to me and I took her home and buried her and cried some more. She was my dog so my wife did not experience the loss I had.

Mandy was the next...Annie's replacement. She was a good hunter as well but I no longer had the time to spend with her so I gave her to my nephew.

Next was Lance.....the first family pet. He was a blond lab mix and had lots of personality. He would go mountain biking with us and was a hoot., He could not stand to be last but never got in the way. He was awesome but as one man dog. he never really took to my wife and wen my son got old enough to move around on his own Lance turned on him so I had to give him away.

Now Sam.....Sam is probably one of the best behaved Golden retrievers you will ever see. Obedient to a fault and goes out of his way to please and will chase a ball until your arm hurts. We would go to work with me every day. I would ride my bike he would run. He did that from almost the time we brought him home. He would stop at all the stop signs on command and never got distracted...even if there were other dogs around. He is truly a family dog and I know that this is going to be a blow to all of us. My wife is already crying about it and I am sure that my son and I are next.

Goliath....... Goliath is our dumb blond. He is also a golden retriever but has a totally different personality from Sam. He is a lover and desires constant attention. he is pretty cool but not near the dog that Sam is.

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