Friday, November 28, 2008

The Christma lights were hung from the gutters with care..........L

That is if you consider a ladder propped up on a one side with a brick with care...more like careless I would say. But what must be done by one man must be done and they all mostly work so I am happy. I don't particularly like ladders, as I have had many friends over the years fall off of them and I think the statistics bare out that.

Ahh the holidays..........

So may of you are used to seeing me on one of these since it is the holiday season you will probably see me in one of these I would be curious to know how much the volume has increased over the years since the guess is three fold but I don't know. I do know this.....Internet shopping rules these days and you would not believe what is on those trucks most days bot in items and quantity. I have actually put a shoulder to the door to get it shut some days.

Probably shouldn't say anything........

So my wife and I have been having some unsettling experiences with some people from our church. Now I must say that it is not earth shattering but it is definitely something you would not expect from people that you worship with. I almost decided not to blog about this situation since many who read this know me and where I worship, but then again, for me not to say anything is completely out of character. Not only that my wife and I think the world of bot of our pastors and families as well as our congregation as a whole so all the more reason to write.

So this whole thing started with one couple in our church and it had now blossomed into more. It actually started a couple of years ago, and actually it started with the husband. We have been attending this church since before were were married and only left for a few years since we were no longer in the area, but would still come back once and a while for a visit. It was a couple of years after we had come back that we were invited to a Church members home for a small dinner party. we went and had a really good time and met some wonderful people, including said couple. We talked and had some wonderful fellowship, but from there it was down hill. At first he would only speak to us sporadically at church and all but ignored us if he saw us in it is as if my wife and I do not exist to either he or his wife...except for the few times that they came into my former business looking for a deal or when we give them not choice but to say hello. Now what bothers me the most about this particular couple is that He is a deacon and she is a worship leader in our church, which to me seams hypocritical and as a church member am concerned for how the church is perceived when others outside the church encounter these people (read the Sunday ride report at the bottom) because I find it hard to believe that we are the only ones.My wife actually could not wait to get out of church last Sunday after hearing him read from the lectern and watching her help lead worship.

Like I said there are a couple of others as well. One is a person that is in our home fellowship group. this person actually goes out of their way to avoid us wbut their spouse is always friendly the other is another couple that we used to attend their home fellowship group, and there have been a few others as well that I don't know quite as well.

I am really in a quandary because my wife is fed up and wants to try out some other churches. while I really like our pastors and don't want to jump ship.

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Henry Dimmick said...

I see you relocated along the (food) chain... from selling stuff from the shop, to delivering all the stuff others bought via the internet :) Will you be in BROWN kit in 2009?!!!