Saturday, November 22, 2008

A 23 degree mountain bike ride is better than indoor training any day......

Back on the bike today after over a month off. Between Archery season and work I have not had much time for anything else. Starting work at 3:30 am and finishing up my day at 5:00 pm makes Rich a tired boy, zombie like you might say. Oh well, I enjoyed the season and work isn't so bad either.

Man did it feel good even though the temperature did not go over 30 deg and was closer to 20 when we finished. Monkey boy, Scott and myself did 1 1/2 hours in whites woods today with little trouble. Riding in the snow is plenty fun but can also make steep descents , with switchbacks impossibly fun. The riding was superb and I actually was dressed correctly. Dressing for winter riding can be difficult. Don't wear too much or you will sweat to death, wear too little and freeze. the only thing that was cold on me today was my toes as usual. I could not find my winter booties so shame on me.

It was really good to get out and ride with monkey boy and this was the first time I had ridden with Scott.

I"ll keep buying them til I fond one that shows me what I want to see......

So I was helping out around the house today and came across another scale. Now you must know that over the years I have seen many of these devices in my home and rarely place a foot on them, but finding this one today made me curious so I asked my wife how many of these things we needed to buy, her reply....."I will keep buying them until I find one that tells me what I want to here." I really did not expect that response but I guess that all of these years of being around me and my smart@&& friends for the past 15 years, a little is bound to rub off. Which means that my son will probably be a comedian when he grows up, or just be plain intolerable.

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Henry Dimmick said...

Mirror Mirror, on the wall....rather, "Scale Scale, on the Floor... tell me something I've not heard be-fore"!!!