Friday, January 16, 2009

Alternative Training

Some people find many different ways to train in the off season....Here is one of my all time favorites

Not very physical but allot of fun.

Still haven't seen Monkeyboy.....

I know that he is back but I have only spoken to him briefly. He said he has allot of stories from his Florida trip but I have to ride with him to get the skinney on it all. He did however say he is selling his bike so if you know anybody intersted that is built like a monkey it is a pretty good deal.

How'd they pull this off???????

So one of my racing friends (far right podium) sent me this photo the other day.

What I want to know is....... How did they get these women to pose with cowbells hanging from their necks..but upon closer inspection it became clear to me that they primed them beforehand.

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