Saturday, January 17, 2009


So I started back to spinning class today after too many months off of the bike and way too many hours worked....

The class was full, which was good to see but I was in no way ready to spend over an hour standing and spinning...but I did. It is actually the same spin routine I taught in several of my classes last year, except I don't remember it hurting so badly....... Jim says everybody hates it and loves it at the same time. I actually plan to start teaching some again in a few weeks once I get some of my legs back, until then I will just suffer. I wont be able to make it to many of the weekday classes but I have my own spin bike here so I will use that. I actually look forward to tomorrows recover spin. Probably about a half hour or so.

I hate house work....

So since Gail and I have both been so with work and her with school, the house has suffered some so today was clean up day, or at least the start of what will probably be a 3 weekend project. Its not really dirty it is just disorganized and I cant stand that. I am going to take a brake though. Brownie is coming over this evening and I am going to finish up his time trial bike.

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