Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hello old friend.....You werent missed you know

So I took another spin class last evening, which was my first experience with affib for the year. I should have expected it though having just eaten shortly before and with no warm up time having shown up just in time to start. Oh well, live and learn, it was a good class however and I hope to start teaching again in a few weeks.

Who cares what you people think..........

Came across this on another blog.......Do these people really believe that anybody really cares what they think or have to say. I would rather they all give up their citizenship and move to some foreign land...preferably one that we are currently bombing, a nice bungalow at ground zero would do nicely.

This is downright scary....although I am pretty sure that their golden child is not as liberal as they might believe which in the end is kind of ironic.

Speaking of friends.........

Ran into Doug at spin class last night as well. Doug is probably one of the most positive and motivating people you will ever meet in your lifetime. Some people don't know quite how to take him sometimes but that's mostly because of his incessant intensity.

Anyway he was telling me that his son and Toby shipped out a few weeks ago and are currently in Kuwait waiting for deployment to I think Afghanistan....... God luck, good hunting and gods speed boys, you will be in our prayers.

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Henry Dimmick said...

Whoa....nice view from the Ground Zero Bungalow!!! Heck...looks like they are far enough away not to get caught up in the blast aftermath .........for at least 20 seconds or so anyway :)