Saturday, March 14, 2009

Good ride today.......

Had a good ride today. Sean and I were supposed to ride this morning but he begged out on me so I was just sitting around trying to decide if I wanted to ride in 40 deg weather, go to spin class or just ride the couch til this afternoon and hope for warmer weather. The phone rang and it was Steeve and he said that he an Matt were meeting at the Oak Grove at noon and wanted to know if I could make it. So I wrangled up some sub 50 riding gear and headed out.

There must have been something wrong with weather bug today because when I left it said 44 deg, weather underground predicted a high of 47 deg, but buy the time we left town it was already 54 deg. So I was over dressed again but that's OK. Better to be a little warm that too cold, I just unzipped my coat a little on the flats and the only time it was really intolerable was on the climbs. I felt pretty good today for a guy that's has refused to train at all this past winter up until the past month or so. No heart problems either today, any ride without that is a great ride.

Monkeyboy....Creatine Junky....

So... Monkeyboy has decided to add, what he thinks it his newest weapon to his arsenal.... Creatine. I have had experience using this when I was into weight lifting and I as well as others I new had pretty good results with it under those conditions, however I havent known anybody that has used it for cycling performance.

I did..... no I did....did not....did too.....

So there has been some pretty good back and forth on the IUP Cycling Club message board. It appears that everybody wants to stake claim for being founders for the club. Now I suppose that they are correct that back in the day that they had a cycling club at IUP but at some point in time it disbanded and disappeared. I have known many people that have attended IUP over the years that were cyclists and always were mystified that there was no such beast. So...Last Year Dr. shim and Monkeyboy spearheaded the start of a new club which at this point is doing very well. They have a race team and have both Mountain and Road rides as well as casual rides for those that like to ride without pain.

Now Duane had to do allot of legwork to get this thing going. I am not sure of all the procedures but I do know that it was allot of work for him to do. Now if there was a club currently in existence he would not have had to do this. But hear is an analogy that may make it clear to everybody that it is a new club. Let's say I open a coffee shop in a certain building in a certain city. After a few years I decide to retire and close down. Years after my closing somebody else decides to open another coffee shop in the same building in the same city. So.....According to their logic that coffee shop would belong to me....right?


Lucky said...

I think you're missing the point.

A handful of former cycling alumni are excited that the club started up again. They're trying to provide a sense of history and shared experience.

And despite their differences, the people who've posted on the message board have offered to help the team with money and suggestions from their past experience.

I can only see all of that being a good thing.

And your coffee shop anology is a terrible one.

More apt would be all the former owners of the Schwinn shop on 5th street being part of a fraternity with a very unique set of shared experiences and shared history.

Affib Rider said...

The coffee shop comment was just an off the cuff comment to see if anybody was listening.

I have really enjoyed reading all of the posts on the message board. The only problem I see is that I don't know how the current club will ever top the legacy of the burning van left by the prior club members.

Ride-on :>)

Anonymous said...

Both good analogies. Everyone means well though. Even Cassie. I'm glad to be in touch with the almni. I liked the previous comment Rich made about all of the cycling talent that has come out of Indiana. Lets not let the tradition die and value the fraternity we've created. I was thinkin about getting some red suspenders like that too.