Friday, March 20, 2009

Man...where did this week go?

Holy crap...It's Friday already and I haven't blogged all week. So I started my week by running at lunch time on Monday...My legs still that normal. I have been out on the bike twice since but my quads still ache. It is no wonder you never see somebody running and smiling at the same time, I'm pretty sure it cant be done. But life must go on.

Tuesdays night ride......

So I was unable to make the Tuesday night ride this week but had a chance to get out with the "Disenchanted One" on Wednesday. We rode out to the Blairseville speedway and back to town. The weather was pretty balmy but still was not super comfortable by the time we got back. I also got out last evening with Monkeyboy, Nate, Wallwork and the "Disenchanted One". It was 55 deg when we started and 44 deg when we returned. That's the real drawback to riding this time of is really hard to decide what to wear.

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