Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fun at Roaring Run

Spent part of the day with Monkeyboy, Nate and the Disenchanted One at Roaring Run. I had invited others but they were a no show. Mike did call and beg out because he wasn't feeling well and Bill had to teach a spin class this morning so I will give them both a pass this time.

The trails are in really good shape right now, I'm sure due to the efforts of Jay and Liz. We rode allot of the old trails and most of the new. The cistern trail is in pretty good shape right now due to all the river weed and greenbriar being dead due to the winter freeze. Maybe those trails will be able to remain open this year throughout the summer. We tried the cistern trail late last summer and could not get through.

Of course you cant leave Roaring Run without drawing blood...and Nate and Monkeyboy were willing to oblige. Nate had blood coming from near his knee and Monkeyboy did a header coming down off of the elevator shaft trail, not sure how, all I heard was a ruckus behind me only to turn around just in time to see him tumbling down the hill. Of course the Disenchanted One has been riding a borrowed mountain bike so he had nothing but mechanical problems all day.

On a side note.. .. just after you top the ZIG ZAG Trail there is a pretty good gas leak coming from an exposed pipe, so please no smoking.

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Henry Dimmick said...

A tremendous effort to find and link all those photos (into) your write-up! ...however, Mr. Up-In-Smoke guy...I prefer