Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good ride tonight....I think............

Started off the week on Monday with a run at lunch time. My legs finally stopped hurting form last weeks run so I thought I would try it again. I felt allot better after this weeks run that after last weeks so I guess you would say that is progress.

So as I stated I think I had a good ride this evening. It's so hard to tell though. Lets face it I did no training this past off season unless you consider being on the go from 3am until 9pm...a majority of that spent working, so i ts not that I did not have the desire it is the fact that I did not have the gitty-up and go. The other factor is that the group this year has been training except for the "Disenchanted One" and for the most part have their game on or at least more game than I. I also have come to some other conclusions about this group this year, particularly those that rode tonight..
  1. Most of them are about half my age (Monkeyboy, Nate, John, Blankman and the "Disenchanted One"
  2. One has a pretty good base from his commute to Florida this past Holiday season.(Monkeyboy)
  3. They have all been doing off season training. (Monkleyboy, Nate, John, Blankman and Nicoll)
So as you can see it is pretty hard to see where I stand at this point in time. Although I did not break and hung on. I just don't have that snap on the climbs yet, but on the rollers and flats I am still able to ride a couple of them off of my wheel so I have that going for me at least.

I do like the fact though that they do a nice warm up before putting the hammer down giving everybody ample time to warm up, which with my heart I really need. They do need to work on keeping the group together a little more. Everybody would benefit from that. The guys that are in really good shape could take longer pulls and everybody would get some good speed work and some good efforts with recovery as well. I talked to Monkeyboy toward the end of the ride and he was thinking the same thing, so I guess we will see how the next ride goes.


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how did u get that pic of me in florida?

i'm definitely doing something about the crap that went on tonight. time trials will be anytime other than 5:15pm on tues/thurs.