Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I hate cell phones

So why is it every time I need to get hold of somebody their cell either has a dead battery or is in their car? Especially when one of the 2 people I tried today would have a fit if I did not answer my phone when she called. I mean it never fails. I had to find out what time my niece got off of work today so I could meet her to retrieve my son, and I was unable to reach either of them.

God Bless America..........

Caught this guy on the news this morning.......probably something we should all do.

Lets face it..if our Representatives are allowed to get away with it without penalty why shouldn't we all. And while we are on the subject what happened to transparency, no earmarks and going through bill and getting rid of pork? I guess he is promising that for later on now.

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