Friday, April 3, 2009

I hate the wind

So I was unable to make the Tuesday evening hammerfest but did go out on my own. 38 miles of small chaining, high cadence riding. Did the Eastern Shore Loop in reverse. The ride is definitely harder in this particular direction but there are some pretty good flat sections that would be great with a group. I can remember ever doing this particular ride in a group, at lesat not in recent years. Anyway I had a pretty good ride an was plenty spent from fighting the wind by myself the whole time.

Then came Thursday evenings ride. Monkyboy, Wallwork, Steve and the Helmetless Wonder and myself actually did something other that the IUP standard Tanoma Loop. We actually did the same ride I did Tuesday straight up.

Before we even really got started Wallwork broke a front derailleur cable. So we wound it up and continued on our way. So since he now only had a small chain ring to ride with I also opted for another small chain ring ride....OUCH. It took at least ten miles before Andy and I could shame the rest of the group into doing the same. It is amazing how much harder you have to work to keep up with a guy riding in the big ring when your not. I did go out too hard though and had a heart flutter about two miles in but after that I felt pretty good. I was pretty beat by the end but had the second of two really good base workouts this week so I am not complaining.

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