Thursday, April 9, 2009

Please don't mistake my compasion for weekness.....

As you blow by me gritting your teeth as I slow down to wait for you. Don't get me wrong, Ill help you fix a flat, Ill stop along the road to adjust your shifting but we wont put up with that crap all summer. BTW you did not ride us off the back this evening we rode you off the front.

Rode with Wallwork, Steve, Blankman and "The Helmet" this evening. I have been sick for five days so I did no expect much tonight,but we lost Blank early on and rolled along pretty good. Steve wasn't feeling very well so we slowed to wait for him and the Helmet blew by us like we were sitting still, because that's basically what we were doing. So we waited on Steve and decided to divert the route (see what yo miss by not hanging with the group). We added Cabbage hill, Washington road and skyline drive to our outing an ended up with around 39 mi. (The helmet only got about 28). It was a good ride with plenty of climbing.

Going fishing in the morning and plan to do another 40 tomorrow. Hoping to do 200 miles, including today, and finishing up on Sunday morning. Might even try to sneak in a century before the end of the month.

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