Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Keep Your Enemies Close.................

I am my own worst enemy. Our ride last night was phenomenal. I had decided not to push myself and just ride how I felt, and I was feeling good. Event recorder all hooked up and ready to go and I was feeling no hint of problems. I haven't and wont brag about how fast the four of us were going but we had covered nearly half of a 43 mile ride in less than an hour when stupidity or competitiveness finally got the best of me. We were just motoring along this nice section of road and I decided to get my sprint on and play some reindeer games. Well a little too hared for a little too long and blamo I was toast and puling off to the side of the road to record my arrhythmia. Fortunately it did not last too long and I was able to finish the ride fairly strong and I got a good recording for the doctor.

A Can Of Worms.............
As I said I had a good recording for my doctor so upon returning home I called the monitor company and sent the results over the phone. So upon finishing that the lady starts asking me some questions, are you OK, are you dizzy, do you feel faint. The answer to all of these was no and then I explained to here that this recording was from an hour ago and that I had just gotten to a phone. So she had me take another recording and send it to them. Now I had ridden the whole way home without any problems but as soon as I got off of the bike it started again. So after the recording she started telling me that I was still in affib and if I had any problems to immediately go to the hospital ..... not what I wanted to hear and information I did not pass onto my wife. She also said that I would be hearing form my doctor soon.
Now the downfall to these type of situations is that the protocol the company uses is for sedentary nonathletic people...hence all the panic. I guess that they had received a substantially high heart rate reading that kind of freaked them out, but in my case is normal when the affib kicks in during exercise but I did not know that is what she was seeing until my doctor called. His associate called shortly after and after talking to me for a while and telling him my history and experiences he did not seam to be too concerned.

Ladies and Gentlemen....."THE DOORS"
Now I can't even tell you how many times I have watched this particular movie, lets just say several. I am not sure what draws me too it other than THE DOORS are by far one of my favorite groups. Now I am sure that most guys watch it as it is the the one and only time that you will see a Meg Ryan full on breast shot, but I'm well beyond my teenage years.

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