Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Step in The Right Direction........

So I went to see my Cardiologist yesterday for the first time in over 8 years. Due to my general non-well being I thought that it might be in order. He asked me many questions about the current state of my Affib, and we talked over many options, most of which he thought were not right for me due to, what he stated, my youthful age. He would also, I believe, Like to see me rid of this problem in my life as would I adn I pray that that is exactly where this is headed. So this is where things stand.....
  • Continue riding, but really pay attention to how I feel and try to prevent agitating my heart (no racing for now)
  • Carry Heart Track Monitoring system with me at all times until my stress test to record the events as they happen. I actually have done this before but he wants current information.
  • Stress test (these unofficially occur every Tuesday and Thursday evening, bring your bike all are welcome, we meet at the Oak Grove at IUP at 5:15) to see what kind of shape the ticker is in (last time I did this the people running the test thought I was crazy and could not believe that I was able to carry on a regular conversation with them throughout the entire test) Of course the real excitement came when after the test, while sitting on the edge of a Hospital bed, my heart rate jumped from 63 bpm to over 250 bpm. I have never seen people move so fast or frantically in my life. Of course the doctor and myself were used to seeing this type of thing and took it in stride.
  • After the test I will hopefully be going to see a Electrophysiology Specialist to discuss my options for permanatly ridding myself of this issue.

So What's The Point........................

So on my and "Z's" last ride one of the subjects of conversation was motorcycles, particularly loud pipes. I have often wondered about this over the years as many Loud Piped Idiots have blasted my eardrums over the years. "Z" had always wondered if the sound was as deafening to the rider as to the spectator. Now I could have answered that question as I know a guy that rides a Harley that actually has mufflers on it, which does tone it down some, wears ear plugs when he rides. (does that seam stupid to you as well or is it just me) Now if your Bike is so loud that you have to wear earplugs yourself then what is the point. Also, as a cyclist being aware of your surroundings is very important and hearing is a big part of that. "Z" also came to the conclusion that loud pipes make riding unenjoyable as he actually took one for a ride. He said it was so annoying that he could not even enjoy himself.

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